Aluminum Crop Cage With Netting and Door
Aluminum Crop Cage With Netting and Door
Aluminum Crop Cage With Netting and Door
Aluminum Crop Cage With Netting and Door

Aluminum Crop Cage With Netting and Door


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Walk-In Aluminum Crop Cages from Harrod Horticultural provide effective fruit and vegetable protection without interfering with rainwater, sunlight and other essentials for plant growth. They're made using quality aluminum tubing and connectors to make them the strongest fruit cages in their class. The Harrod's Horticultural brand means you are getting high-quality products at the best possible price!

Instead of purchasing separate fencing and netting, get this crop cage for garden applications and take care of everything in one durable package. The framework of an Aluminum Crop Cage is manufactured from 25mm (0.95") diameter, 1.6mm thick aluminum sections, making it the strongest aluminum fruit cage around. This thicker and tougher aluminum tubing, complete with flush fitting connectors, complements the 16mm x 16mm (0.63" x 0.63") square mesh extra heavy duty extruded side netting and the heavy-duty 20mm x 20mm (0.79" x 0.79") diamond mesh anti-bird roof netting. Together, it provides an inexpensive but thoroughly dependable way of protecting your fruit bushes and vegetable plants.

Harrod's Aluminum Crop Cages are exclusively designed and manufactured in the UK. Each plant cage comes with a 10-year manufacturer guarantee against corrosion. Standing 6.5 feet high, nearly everyone can walk directly into their plant cage while keeping it off-limits to deer, birds, and other potential crop thieves. Greenhouse Megastore has small, large and extra-large garden cages at the guaranteed best prices. Custom sizes may also be available - call us toll-free at 1-888-281-9337 to inquire.

Harrod Aluminum Crop Cage Features:

  • Walk-In Aluminum Crop Cages stand 2m/6.5 feet above the ground.
  • Aluminum tubing is inserted 0.3m/12 inches into the soil.
  • Complete with one door unit as standard, 25mm (0.95") round uprights and roof supporting top rods.
  • Unlike other aluminum fruit cages on the market, the top rods do not sag when tension is applied to the roof netting.
  • Top rods are secured with flush fitting connectors.
  • Widely regarded as the strongest aluminum fruit cage available.
  • Framework carries a 10-year anti-corrosion guarantee.
  • Comes complete with 16mm (0.63") square mesh side netting.
  • The 20mm (0.79") anti-bird roof netting keeps birds off your fruit and vegetables.
  • The 25mm (0.95") round door frame is 970mm/3 feet wide and comes complete with plastic locking hinges, a spring clip door catch and a separate door catch upright.
  • Fully illustrated instructions included.
  • Two or more people required for assembly.

NOTE: Netting removal recommended over winter to prevent any potential damage from heavy snow and high winds.

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Very pleased

The ordering and delivery were smooth and everything arrived complete and in good shape. The construction was straightforward and the directions were good. I am very pleased with the resulting crop cage. I think the door hardware could have been better thought out and I had to rig one of the pieces that just wouldn't function as the directions said it should. It just didn't line up. So instead of using the screw provided, I had to insert a wire to hold it in place. But aside from this, I am happy with the purchase. I would recommend the crop cage to others.