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      Garden Tables and Beds

      To reach the full potential of a garden or greenhouse, you need to make full use of the space you have. Our grow tables, benches and beds expand a gardening area upwards while improving organization. These elevated growing structures make horticulture more accessible, since you don't have to strain your back or knees to cultivate thriving plants.

      Elevate Your Gardening

      Greenhouse Megastore has a large assortment of greenhouse tables and other ways to grow plants more efficiently. A standard greenhouse bench has a grid-style top where you can place grow trays, flats, pots and other containers, allowing excellent drainage and aeration. Browse complete grow bench kits, DIY benchtops and hardware made of durable metal or lightweight plastic. Tiered wall displays are great for retail greenhouses or other situations where you need good plant visibility.

      Other indoor planting supplies include raised planters, potting benches, portable carts and plant hangers. No matter the space there is to work with, we have a way to maximize it. Our raised gardening beds give you better outdoor plant access while adding style to yards and landscapes. From basic corrugated metal raised plant beds to U-shaped beds and cold frames, we have a system for what, where and how you grow plants.

      Great Deals for Growers

      We're committed to making it easier for growers of all experience levels to get the necessary supplies. That's why we have a Low Price Guarantee and knowledgeable customer service for everyone who shops with us. Call Greenhouse Megastore at 888-281-9337 if you have any questions or need a quote on a custom order.