Rhino Premium 8 x 16 Greenhouse
Rhino Premium 8 x 16 Greenhouse
Rhino Premium 8 x 16 Greenhouse
Rhino Premium 8 x 16 Greenhouse

Rhino Premium 8 x 16 Greenhouse


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The Great British Rhino – Britain's Best Loved Greenhouse!

Dimensions 8' 4" W x 16' 4" L x 8' 4" H
Frame Aluminum
Color Blue Grass or Clay Grey
Covering 4mm Toughened Safety Glass
Door(s) 1; 4' x 6' 5"
Roof Vents 4 Double Roof Vents w/ 8 Automatic Roof Vent Openers & Storm Locks
End Vents 0
Side Vents 4 Lourvre Vents
Base Aluminum
Foundation Foundation instructions for 8 ft. wide model (PDF)
Options: Firm soil, Anchors (included), Brick Plinth, Treated 4x4's, Concrete Piers or Slab
More foundation information (PDF)
Warranty 25 year manufacturer warranty on frame and finish
Manual Rhino Premium Greenhouse Instructions - 8 ft. wide (PDF)

Width (W) - 8 ft. 4 in.
Length (L) - 16 ft. 4 in.
Ridge (R) - 8 ft. 4 in.
Eaves (E) - 5 ft. 5 in.
Door (D) - 6 ft. 5 in.
Doorway (O) - 4 ft.
Rhino Premium Diagram

Accessory Package Available

Take your Greenhouse Kit to the next level

  • Benches and Shelves
  • Roof blinds and reach pole
  • Decorative finials

View the Accessory Package

This Rhino Premium 8 x 16 greenhouse provides a large growing space in which to combine areas of staging, growbeds, and pots to create a place of your own. With a vast amount of ventilation as standard, this is an exceptional greenhouse at a very affordable price.

Note: Benches, shelves, roof blinds, reach pole for blinds, and decorative finials are not included, but are available here.

Louvre Vents & Automatic Roof Ventilation

The Rhino Premium greenhouses are fitted with as much roof ventilation as possible, using a combination of roof vents to make sure the maximum area is achieved. All the roof vents are controlled by solar-powered automatic vent openers.
Vents on the Rhino Premiums are also fitted with storm locks, allowing vents to be secured down. This is ideal when bad weather is expected, allowing the entire structure to be made airtight. *Note: it's important to disengage the vents before putting the storm locks into position, to avoid causing any damage to the openers.
The high quality Rhino five-blade louvre vents allow you to take complete control of your ventilation, allowing cool air to enter from the side, circulate up through the greenhouse forcing air to escape through the roof vents. Optimal circulation can only be achieved through a combination of roof vents and side louvres.
Adequate ventilation is absolutely crucial to successful growing under glass.

4mm Toughened Glass

Keep yourself and your family safe with Rhino's combination glazing system: Toughened Safety Glass and Rubber Glazing Beads. Perfect for exposed locations and families with young children and pets.
Rhino Tuff 4mm toughened safety glass is 33% thicker than most greenhouse glass and comes as standard with every Rhino greenhouse. The panes are designed with safety in mind, meaning breakages are less likely while ensuring that, if broken, the glass will shatter into lots of tiny pieces rather than big shards that are far more likely to cause injury. Even the edges of the glass are rounded so that you don't cut yourself during installation. And with Grade A glass, you can achieve ultimate clarity for maximum light.
The unique Rhino glazing system locks each pane of glass in place along its entire length, using long rubber beads. The glass cannot be blown or sucked out of the frame and pushing on the glass only locks the beads more tightly into the frame, making it ideally engineered for high winds and other extreme weather conditions. With Rhino's glazing method, each pane becomes integral to the strength of the whole frame. The Premium range also features box-section glazing bead for even greater stability, as a step up from the Classic range.
When compared with the glazing that comes as standard on most greenhouses, the Rhino ranges come up trumps every time. No dangerous horticultural glass or flimsy W-clips here; and with the smooth finish achieved by our glazing beads, there's no need for bar capping either.

Strong Frame

The Premium range builds on the already great strength of the Rhino Classic with box section glazing bars and 3mm thick 'T' section bracing throughout.
Each Rhino frame has around 60% more aluminum than similarly priced models. But it's not just the weight, it's the clever design of the Rhino that provides it's inherent strength.
The Rhino has been tested for snow loading capacity by placing a half ton of sand bags on the roof.
Rhinos currently inhabit much of the UK and have withstood winds of 137 mph according to customer testimonials.

Integral Base

Every Rhino greenhouse includes a strong aluminum base in the price, which not only provides an incredibly strong foundation but also allows the Rhino to be erected simply onto firm, level soil – so there's no need for an expensive concrete base. Once the Rhino is erected, strong stainless steel ground anchors are concreted into position. 
The Rhino can also be erected on concrete or paving slabs, in which case the stainless steel anchors are fixed using the fixings provided.
All Rhino greenhouses include a low threshold door and ramp. There is plenty of width for a wheelchair or wheelbarrow to enter with ease.

Hanging Basket Rails

Every Rhino greenhouse comes with two hanging basket rails.
The roof is so strong that it can easily handle this extra load, and it's a really useful feature. Your hanging baskets will thrive and it will also free up lots of space on your staging.

Rainwater Collection

Every Rhino greenhouse also comes with large integral gutters as well as downpipes and bends so you can collect and use the natural rainwater that your plants love.

25 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

Nothing says more about the quality of a Rhino greenhouse than the 25 Year Manufacturer Guarantee.
A generation of gardeners can rest assured that the frame and even the powder coated color finish are covered, in the unlikely event that the greenhouse fails.


Unlike most greenhouse brands, the Rhinos can be erected on soil. This is only due to the strength created by its sturdy base and framework. A soil base should be level and fully compacted, freshly dug soil will shift too much and isn't suitable for use as a stable foundation. 
Alternatively, paving slabs, concrete bases and brick or block perimeter can all be used as long as they are smooth and level.

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