Gro-Mat Seedling Mat
Gro-Mat Seedling Mat
Gro-Mat Seedling Mat

Gro-Mat Seedling Mat


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Gro-mat brand electric seedling mats produce a uniform radiant heat for quick propagation of your seedlings. Integrated metal rack holds your tray slightly above the mat to provide a gentle, even heat that will not dry out your plants as quickly as other mats.

How It Works

Gro-mat has been pre-tested and set to the correct temperature for use. The mat and rack have been designed together so warmth travels upward through the open space between the flat and the mat, and circulates into and through soil.


Gro-mat contains an electric heating element that produces uniform radiant heat. It is themostatically controlled so that the heat will be maintained at a constant temperature. The heating element is molded within the rubber to eliminate the danger of fire or electrical shock (As with any new heated rubber product, the rubber odor may be quite noticeable when plugged in the first time. This is temporary, and will dissipate quickly.


Use Grow-mat in an area that is not affected by another heat source - avoid placement near a washer, dryer, television, or heater. Keep the mat out of sunlight that comes through windows in morning or afternoon. While light is good in helping seedlings from getting too leggy, you must be careful of the heat effect.

Take care as to what type of surface you place the mat on; some delicate surfaces can discolor or crack from the heat. If you are not sure about the surface, place some cardboard under the mat for insulation.


Take care to keep the soil moist and watch the flats closely in the beginning - the added heat causes the soil to dry out faster.

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Customer Reviews

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Linda Rabon (Havana, US)
Love this Grow Mat

This is my second purchase of this Grow Mat. Perfect for seed starting with two heat settings
I highly recommend it for use with hydroponic seed starting plugs