Anti-Insect Screen

Anti-Insect Screen


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When correctly installed, this polyethylene monofilament screening can prevent insect penetration, yet provide maximum possible air flow.

Important Note

A $20 minimum order charge will be applied if the sum of all insect screen fabric on your order totals less than $60 in value (not including sales tax or shipping). Please contact customer service if you have any questions regarding this fee.

Selection Criteria

Insect Pest Insect Size- Inch (Microns) Screen Type to Use Screen Hole Size - Inch (Microns) Performance
Leafminer 0.025 (640) Anti-Insect Virus 0.0105 x 0.0322 (266 x 818) 100%
Melon Aphid 0.013 (340) Anti-Insect Virus 0.0105 x 0.0322 (266 x 818) 100%
Whitefly 0.018 (462) Anti-Insect Virus 0.0105 x 0.0322 (266 x 818) 100%
Western Flower Thrips 0.0075 (192) No-Thrips 0.0059 x 0.0059 (150 x 150) 100%

Technical Information

Specifications Anti-Insect Virus Screen No-Thrips Screen
Material Polyethylene Monofilament Polyethylene Monofilament
Construction 50 x 24 mesh 81 x 81 mesh
Opening Size 0.0105" x 0.0322" 0.0059" x 0.0059"
Thread Size .24 mm .15 mm
Weave 1/1 1/1
Weight 0.33 lbs/sq. yard 0.216 lbs/sq. yard
Shade Value 20% 33%
Light Transmission 80% 66%
Standard Widths 78, 137 Inches 134 Inches
Length Cut to Size Cut to Size
UV Resistance Tested to equivalent of five years field experience Tested to equivalent of three years field experience

Ordering Information

Enter desired number of lineal feet of product for a given roll width.

Lead Times

Lead times for custom shade cloth will vary depending on the season, with very long lead times during the peak summer months. Right now, the expected time frame for arrival to you is: 3-4 weeks.

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