Automated Garden Drip Irrigation System
Automated Garden Drip Irrigation System
Automated Garden Drip Irrigation System
Automated Garden Drip Irrigation System
Automated Garden Drip Irrigation System
Automated Garden Drip Irrigation System
Automated Garden Drip Irrigation System

Automated Garden Drip Irrigation System


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Stop Spending Hours Watering Your Garden or Field

Our Garden Drip Irrigation System provides automated, worry-free watering and is simple to install, leaving more time for everything else you love.

Don't spend hours every week manually watering with a hose! Greenhouse Megastore has combed the warehouse and assembled a guaranteed-to-work, easy-to-install and maintain kit of hoses, tubes, and fittings designed to provide the perfect amount of water to your precious plants without any of the headache of trying to piece together your own system, or worse, buying an incomplete kit from our competition!

An automated drip irrigation system is one of the best ways you can improve your garden, saving yourself time and money in the process. Properly watered plants are healthier and more resilient to all manner of garden pests and intruders.

Choose from 3 different sizes for your irrigation system:

  • 10 rows, perfect for small to medium sized gardens
  • 20 rows, perfect for larger gardens of several hundred square feet
  • 40 rows, perfect in market garden applications or fields up to many hundreds of square feet of coverage

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Included in the Automated Garden Drip Irrigation System:

Component Small, 10 Row Medium, 20 Row Large, 40 Row
3/4 3/4" Garden Hose to 3/4" NPT Female Connector 2 2 2
Netafim Manual Disc Filter Netafim™ Manual Disc Filter 1 1 1
Pressure Regulator Netafim™ Pressure Regulator 1 1 1
PVC Male Adapter Netafim™ Twist Lock 16mm Male Adapter (Twist Lock 0.820" x 3/4" MPT Insert Adapter) 2 2 2
White Polyethylene Tubing White Polyethylene Tubing
Streamline X 630 Series Dripline Streamline X 630 Series Dripline 500' 1000' 2000'
Twist & Lock Start Connector With Valve Twist & Lock Start Connector With Valve 10 20 40
Twist & Lock Drip Tape Coupler Twist & Lock Drip Tape Coupler 5 10 20
Twist & Lock Line End Twist & Lock Line End 10 20 40
Orbit One-Dial Garden Hose Digital Water Timer Orbit One-Dial Garden Hose Digital Water Timer 1 1 1
¾ NPT coupler ¾ NPT coupler 1 1 1
8mm Hole Punch 8mm Hole Punch 1 1 1
PVC Irrigation Coupling Twist Lock Coupling 3/4" Insert 2 2 2
Figure 8 End Figure 8 End 2 2 2

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Medium 20 Row For Vegetable Garden

Bought the medium 20 row system 2 months ago and so far it has been working great for our 15' x 85' vegetable garden. It has saved us a lot of money because the water goes directly to the plants and doesn't require as much water usage. We had been using our lawn sprinklers but that caused problems with the leaves of the plants and this system doesn't have that issue so our plants are healthier.

A few items that we think should be included in this kit are:

hose clamps - there's just no getting around it. If you don't use them there will be leaks and the drip lines will pop off.

U-shaped stakes - these aren't necessary but are very helpful if you want to position the main line straight and to stake the end of the drip lines.

It would be nice if there were options on the type of timer one could purchase. We have opted not to use the one the system came with because we are waiting on one that can be controlled with our watering app. It will be useful when we don't need to water.

The kit came with some rubber grommets that were not in the directions. We tried different things that they could be used for but just couldn't figure out what they were for. We wound up not using them and everything seems fine. Would like to know what they are for though.

Legacy Review
Good System, Needs Better Information

The kit has everything needed and it seems to be of good quality. I experienced only two issues.
1. The connectors to the drip tape need extra tightening or they will pop off.
2. They include a rubber grommet with each spigot that is used for each drip line. However, there is no instruction on how to install it. I contacted them and their technician didn't seem to know what the purpose of the grommet, and said you don't really need it. That was t too comforting.