Composters & More

Composters & More


      Composting and Tree Transplanting

      Garden composters and tree-planting accessories make it easier to nurture seedlings, shrubs, vegetables and much more. Save money at Greenhouse Megastore on equipment trusted by our team for their gardens.

      Soil Composters for Every Grower

      From windowsill flower gardens to commercial vegetable crops and everything in between, we have the right composting system. Garland kitchen compost caddies are a compact way to start composting and have filters so odors don't stink up your home. If you have the space, there are large, insulated composters that hold nearly 300 gallons of material. Tumbling composters improve aeration, while the Worm Factory 360 gets a helping hand from one of soil's best friends. Use them to transform table scraps, cardboard and other organic matter into nutrient-rich fertilizer.

      Tree Wraps and Protectors

      This section also has everything you need to transplant young trees and prevent damage. Our tree wraps and tree squares offer protection against weeds, insects, power trimmers and other potential hazards. Use wood or plastic tree stakes for stabilizing saplings while the roots are established. We also have tree water bags to reduce stress during this process.

      Industry-Leading Support

      Greenhouse Megastore is committed to 100% customer satisfaction on every purchase. This includes knowledgeable assistance and technical support before, during and after every sale. Contact us for advice about which garden composter or tree transplant supplies you need to accomplish your growing goals. Every item we sell has an unconditional one-year warranty for personal or business use.