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Light Bulbs


      Replacement Bulbs, Fluorescent Tubes, Metal Halide Bulbs, High Pressure Sodium Bulbs

      Find the right replacement for your grow lights system at the right price.

      Replacement Bulbs for Grow Lights

      Even the highest-quality grow lights will eventually burn out. Remember to have new bulbs on hand so greenhouse plants don't miss a second of the light they need. Shop for energy-efficient indoor grow bulbs that lower your monthly bills without lowering plant quality.

      OEM and Retrofit Grow Light Bulbs

      We stock an assortment of grow light replacement bulbs from SUNPACK, Miracle LED, SunBlaster and other brands - many of whom also made the bulbs that came with your grow lights. Miracle LED Grow Lite Bulbs are a direct upgrade to the A19 incandescent flood lights traditionally used for indoor growing. They use up to 90% less energy and last up to 10 times longer with no mercury or UV rays. You can get them in full daylight, red, blue and red/blue spectrum for the right amount of light absorption.

      What about fixtures that use CFLs or T5HO fluorescents? Shop for compatible bulbs in multiple lengths. You can directly replace the fluorescent bulbs or get LED conversion lamps that don't require a new ballast. If you have an older high-pressure sodium ballast, Greenhouse Megastore carries standard HPS bulbs.

      Light Up Your Grow Spaces

      From small apartment gardens to commercial greenhouses, we either have the right grow light bulb in stock or can help you find it - all with a Low Price Guarantee and free shipping on orders over $99 in the contiguous U.S. If you're not sure which bulbs are appropriate, call us Monday-Friday. A sales associate with grow light knowledge and experience is happy to help.