EcoGrow Organic Round Pot
EcoGrow Organic Round Pot
EcoGrow Organic Round Pot
EcoGrow Organic Round Pot

EcoGrow Organic Round Pot


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The EcoGrow Organic Round Pots are made from recycled, non-printed paper and come in four different sizes. These plant containers will naturally degrade over time.


Outside Diameter Inside Diameter Height Capacity Cu. In. Maximum Liquid
3.5 in. 3.25 in. 3.25 in. 16.78 9.30 oz.
3.88 in. 3.63 in. 3.38 in. 18.31 12.40 oz.
4 in. 3.63 in. 3.5 in. 25.63 14.40 oz.
5 in. 4.75 in. 4.75 in. 54.92 1.92 pt

Color may vary due to the recycled newspaper being used in the process:

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Customer Reviews

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T.S. (Littleton, US)
Sturdy Pots Stay Together Longer Than Others

I love using these pots because the don't waste away like competitors brands when using and watering while awaiting spring planting. I use these as the next step up from cells and can simply place them in the 5 gallon containers without disturbing the roots.

S.H. (Massillon, US)
Depends on what you are after!

I have used cowpots to start peppers and tomatoes for my own garden for years but decided to try these due to the lower cost. Cowpots will look awful on the outside as the starter plants grow with lots of mold and other stuff growing on the surface. However, the roots penetrate easily and you will see them poking through the pot here and there. My plants have done great when the cowpot was planted directly in the soil/earthbox without alteration.

With these pots the roots did not penetrate and I saw very little change to the outside of the pots, wet or dry. I did not have any mold issues so they looked nice. When I planted I removed most of the pots (cut them off)and could see the roots were circling. I planted a few side by side trials where I removed the pot and vertical cut the circling roots on one next to one where I left the pot and planted the whole thing. The plants where I removed the pots got a quicker start and generally did better all season.

If you want a lowish cost but biodegradable replacement for plastic starter pots these would be excellent. If you are selling starter plants these would probably look nicer and hold up better than cowpots. They seem to work fine if they are treated like plastic pots and removed for planting. It is unlikely they can be reused, I just buried the pieces in the planting hole or dumped them on the surface nearby.

However, if you want to plant directly in the soil in the pot I can't recommend these based on my experience. Now I have to figure out if I want to make a lifetime commitment to using my huge case of these pots or fork out another pile of money for more cowpots!

Julia Ehrnstrom
Great Pots

These pots hold up much better than I expected. I have been flooding my trays with these pots since the fall of 2021, it is now almost spring of 2022. They still look brand new! I am giving a four star because maybe 5 out of the 500 I order don't have the bottom holes punched out properly. Once I figured out which ones didn't have holes, I just punched them myself.

Legacy Review
Doesn't last in field

This seems to be the replacement for ITML/Dillen's fabulous line of thick, sturdy "Kord" pulp pots which I could re-use over and over for years. These thin things don't last more than 1-2 months in the nursery before they start falling apart. HUGE disappointment. I won't be using these in future. I hope they start making Kord pots again!