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These narrow "Cone-tainers" allow for considerable plant growth in a small space. The tall, cone-shaped design and internal vertical anti-spiral ribs let roots grow deep and straight. Each individual cell has a center drainage hole on the bottom and four side-drain holes on the tapered end.

Used for cultivating native plants, sagebrush, grasses, and forbs for landscape restoration. Also utilized for growing citrus liners, conifer seedlings like firs and pines, and deciduous tree seedlings such as maple, birch, and alder. Additionally, these pots are excellent for starting apple trees from seeds.

SC7 cells have a cell diameter of 1.5", a depth of 5.5", and a volume of 107ml or 6.53 cu. in.

SC10 cells have a cell diameter of 1.5", a depth of 8.25" and a volume of 164 ml or 10 cu. in.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
W.J. (Cary, US)
Plastic color too dark

These Cone-tainers are ideal for starting small seeds, but the color of the plastic is too dark. I lost some redwood and sequoia seedlings for what I believe was the soil in the containers that were in direct sunlight becoming too warm. A tan or white color would work better.

Colleen Maslik (Highland, US)

excellent condition

Darrow O'Lykos (Camden, US)
Good System

First time using this system. Seems very well thought-out. A great way to start tree seedlings in a very small space.

Jeff Daniels (Atlanta, US)
Great for starting oaks

I bought property that was in timber company production. Very few oaks for wildlife. On my 3rd year of Sawtooth Oak, Dunstan Chestnut, and American Persimmon seedlings. Just ordered more of these and stepped up the game. 1500 Sawtooths and 110 Persimmon seeds. Haven't found Chesnuts yet. Planting on edges so I can still prescribe burn

Wayne Schultz (Collegeville, US)
More yeses than no

I use a custom substrate for growing Dwarf Citrus Trees so this might not fit all situations.

As a tool for growing and developing root systems of freshly germinated seedlings, the cone trainer system functions perfectly.

Transplanting from the cone trainer system is more of a slow and dirty process. I would like a better tool than a dowel for removing a seedling plant from the cone. This becomes a huge problem when you are managing hundreds of seedling plants at a time.

My racks are in a shelf storage system. I have to modify two trays by plastic welding to make a bottom tray that will fit. Would have loved a tray that is 16" x 25 1/2"

Debbie Swift (Chambersburg, US)
Quick and Easy!

I bought these for starting Am Chestnuts, Dunstan Chestnuts, black locusts, black locusts with purple flowers, thornless honey locusts, acorns, and moringa seeds. The containers are quick and easy to fill. I potted up most of the sprouted chestnuts about 3 weeks ago. The tallest are now about 4"tall, but most are only about 1 - 2" tall. These containers should encourage a nice central tap root. I also love that these take less growing medium to fill. The only downside is that they only have 1 diameter. For the larger Dunstan chestnuts, it be nice to have a slightly wider diameter. Great buy though! I would buy it again!

P.L. (Jackson, US)

5 stars


These conetainers are awesome! Great for Chestnuts and Oaks!

Roger Lanier (Viola, US)
Great system

I use the cone tainers and trays to start pine trees because they are hard to find in quality due to all of the fire restoration in the PNW. The deep roots established in these containers help the seedlings survive the hottest part of the summer with no supplemental water. I get at least 80% survival if I give the seedlings a year in the cones and plant in the spring. Far better than bare root stock.

Legacy Review
Perfect prairie seedling starters

Product arrived quickly and works well for seedling starting