Deepot Tree Pots
Deepot Tree Pots
Deepot Tree Pots

Deepot Tree Pots


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Growing young trees and native plants is easier when you have the right tree containers. Great for a wide range of hardwoods and other tree seedlings, Deepots give plant roots the space and depth they need, making them an excellent choice for plants requiring a deep root ball. They are made of recycled polypropylene, a durable plastic resin, and have drainage holes to control moisture levels.

Greenhouse Megastore has bulk Deepots tree pots for sale in four different sizes. Each trains roots to grow down instead of out so they fit any landscape. The specially designed Deepots tray (sold separately) can hold 25 pots and allows seedlings to be spread out or consolidated, giving you control over sorting and growing density. Call us if you have questions about which tree seedling pots to use.

Deepot Tree Pot Features:

  • Each cell has eight vertical ribs to train roots downward.
  • Outside stacking lugs prevent cells from sticking together.
  • Wedging ribs keep the collars in place.
  • The bottom of each cell has five drainage holes.
  • Made with post-industry, pre-consumer recycled polypropylene resin.


  • D60 pots have a cell diameter of 2.5 inches and a depth of 14 inches, making them the largest available size.
  • D43 pots have a cell diameter of 2.7 inches and a depth of 10 inches.
  • D40 pots have a cell diameter of 2.5 inches and a depth of 10 inches. The interwoven design of D40 pots maximizes growing space.
  • D33 pots have a cell diameter of 2.7 inches and a depth of 8 inches.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
EM (San José, CR)
Great sapling pots

These pots are great. I use them to grow live oak saplings from acorns. The depth should help the developing tap root grow longer than a regular pot. No pot can replace native soil but these help. After a season I noticed the bottom part where the drainage holes are become easy to crack, but they are still usable. I’m hoping they will last for at least 4-5 seasons.

Michael Wyatt

These will be awesome for my persimmons Thanks

Legacy Review
Great pots. Just don't work with flow tray

These do not work with the advertised flow tray. I wish they did.

Ed Croteau
Deep tree pots

Good product easy to work
with. Great for growing American Chestnut seedlings.

Legacy Review
First time growing Kentucky Coffee Trees from seeds

My son who worked at an arboretum, suggested I buy these tree pots for my Kentucky Coffee Tree seedlings which I grew for a mixture of 50% perlite, 50% peat moss. The seedlings are 8 high and I bought the 40L pots. I'm not sure I bought the right size pots, perhaps I s/h bought longer ones? Should I use the same mixure of peat/perlite when I transplant to the tree pots? I put non scratch felt furniture protection pads on the PVC pipes so as not to scratch my painted surface. Worried about water dripping, wish there was a collection tray. Will use coffee filter to prevent growing medium from coming out. Thank you!

Legacy Review
Needed a small MacGyver

The hole at the bottom allows growing medium to drop out but wadding a bit of burlap at the bottom of the cell solves the problem. Great for starting grape cuttings. Plan to use them to start pawpaw.

Legacy Review
Recycled and reusable

I have bought these a couple of times for native tree reproduction, and am delighted at how healthy the trees grow, how much I save on soil, how much labor is reduced (i can get 12 trees in my backpack when I climb the mountain into the forest, instead of 2-3 bagged trees), and at the fact that I have been able to reuse most cones 3 or 4 times.

Legacy Review
Tubular !!

Great product & price. New trees soon !!

Keagen Petersen
Good could be better

The product functions as advertised but a few design flaws. 1. Once all 25 of the deepots are full of dirt it overloads the legs and they begin to bow. I built a square PVC frame to connect legs and that works great. Also due to the wait once they are all full they become imposable to move with the above mentioned square base. 2. When plants begin to grow the deepots are to close together and must compete for space. Othisewiss I was pleased with the product and would purchase again.

Legacy Review
Planting pots

The pots purchased arrived swiftly, and the quality is as advertised. I would purchase this item again.