Poly Patching Tape

Poly Patching Tape


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Poly Patching Tape is a single coated, 6 mil, UV stabilized, clear, polyethylene film with a high tack acrylic adhesive.

Heavy-duty tape designed for interior and exterior bonding applications and is great for repairing minor tears in polyethylene greenhouse film. Both tape and adhesive are UV protected to help prevent deterioration.

Product Applications

  • Greenhouse Patching and Seaming on Films
  • Splicing, Seaming and Sealing-Coated or Uncoated Surfaces
  • Surface Protection and Temporary Hold Down
  • Sand Blasting Stencil Mask

Features and Benefits

  • UV and Weather Resistant
  • High Adhesion and Cohesion
  • Aggressive Adhesion to Films
  • Conformability to Irregular Surfaces
  • Withstands Extended Exposure to the Elements
  • Available without or with a white poly coated release liner


Nominal Values: The following data are nominal values based on PSTC, ASTM and other industry standard test. The data should not be considered as exact specifications.

Carrier Polyethylene
Adhesive Acrylic
Adhesion to Steel (oz/inch of width) ASTM D-3330 36 oz/inch
Tensile Strength (lbs/inch of width) ASTM D-3759 11 lbs/inch
Elongation (at break) 340%
Thickness (mil) PSTC-33 6 mil
Temperature Application Range 50°F~120°F
Temperature Operating Range -40°F~190°F
Color Clear

Additional Information

Poly Film Installation tips and diagrams (PDF)

Product Lifespan

The life of polyethylene film repair tape is limited due to degradation processes induced by sunlight and heat. The location where the product is applied will greatly influence the product life.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Lisa (West Mifflin, US)
Poly tape

Love this tape! Tight bond and nearly invisible.

Anonymous (Readfield, US)

2" paper lined. Would have liked the wider widths which weren't available

Anonymous (Potter Valley, US)
best poy repair tape

Love this product, it's extremely adhesive and effective for small poly repairs.

Robert Twigg (Gaston, US)
Sun vs poly tape.

I used to buy the tape with the paper lining. It was great. Lately I've been buying the tape without the the liner. Its much cheaper. The problem is, it deteriorates in the sun in less than a year.
I like not having to mess with the liner, but I'm going back to it.

Dave Clark (Fort Worth, US)
Only use 8-inch or larger tape

I been buying your tape for 6 years now and 2-years ago the quality of the tape is half what was. Mil thickness is less and the adhesive has less adhesion. Can’t use anything smaller than 8-inch tape.

Legacy Review
Poly tape

Worked well for me

Robert Twigg
Great repair tape

Tape does not deteriorate from the sun like some others.

Legacy Review
It's a lifesaver

Ever cut just a liittttle to much off the end of the film you were trying to install on your greenhouse? I did and it left me in a learch. used this tape to put a few inches of film back on and it worked like a charm.

Legacy Review
Patches up holes quick and easy.

It's repair tape and it patches up holes. An animal got trapped between some excess plastic and the wall plastic on my high tunnel and tore a few holes in it. I ordered the 2" tape with liner to fix up the damage before winter and it's working well so far. The liner makes life a lot easier and strips can be cut off the roll without them sticking to everything.

New / clean plastic can probably be taped together with this but it's probably going to be one of the more frustrating solutions to joining sheets of plastic, more-so if the plastic isn't pulled tight. Old / dirty plastic film complicates it more.

I recommend it for patching holes, but only use it to join plastic sheets as a last resort. I would buy this again if I need more.

Legacy Review

Best tape ever