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      Automating your grow lights will add convenience to your seed starting or hydropnic growing needs and can encourage productive growth with consistent hours of light.

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      Everything will happen on time in your greenhouse with the right timer. They're commonly used to operate grow lights, drip irrigation systems, misters and other common gardening operations. Some customers also use them as house light timers for security while away on vacation.

      Simple Greenhouse Automation

      Relax and let your timer do the hard work for better seed starting hydroponics and out-of-season growing. No longer do you need to worry about forgetting to turn something on or off - just set the timer and watch. Water timers can be linked directly to your garden house or drip lines. Set the start time, how long the system should run and how often. Some timers can be up to a week in advance and even have a Rain Delay feature to prevent overwatering during periods of heavy precipitation.

      Dual-outlet timers are an excellent grow light timer option. Just plug the power cable in and use the handy dial and buttons to set when they operate. You can order a manual or digital timer for grow lights. The timer will run anything else you plug into it as well, including fans, patio lights, appliances, fountains and pool pumps. We've even had people connect Christmas lights to their grow timer light switch.

      Precise Timing for Grow Structures

      By partnering with trust brands such as Orbit, Hydrofarm and Dramm, Greenhouse Megastore offers the best garden timer performance and value. Contact us at 1-888-281-9337 for knowledgeable assistance in choosing a water or light timer. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has given us an A+ Better Business Bureau rating