1020 Trays, Extra Heavy Duty

This heavy duty thermoformed tray is heavier than standard 1020 trays and even stronger than our heavy duty tray. Design allows community watering of pots, consistent bottom & side positioned drainage holes (or no holes) and easy, two-finger denesting. Both trays come with no center bar or side
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 1020 Trays, Heavy Duty thickness1020 Trays, Extra Heavy Duty thickness1020 Trays, Mega Heavy Duty thickness
 1020 Trays, Heavy Duty1020 Trays, Extra Heavy Duty
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1020 Trays, Mega Heavy Duty
Starting Thickness
0.040" gauge0.060" gauge0.088" gauge
Drainage Optionsno holes / with holesno holes / with holesno holes

This heavy duty thermoformed tray is heavier than standard 1020 trays and even stronger than our heavy duty tray. Design allows community watering of pots, consistent bottom & side positioned drainage holes (or no holes) and easy, two-finger denesting. Both trays come with no center bar or side ribs. Select flats with or without holes.

  • 10.94" W x 21.44" L x 2.44" D
  • Thermoformed trays designed for consistent performance in automated filling and handling equipment.
  • Don't settle for cheap and flimsy trays. Our 1020 trays are heavy weight and reusable.
  • Used with our inserts to create compact, efficient growing systems for Bedding Plants
  • Starting Thickness: 0.060" gauge (Extra Heavy Duty)
  • Made in the USA Made in the USA


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Reviews (32)
  • Very strong trays
    Impressed greatly about the tray's strength. For 20 years been using the thin broken trays but looking forward to spring and getting seeds growing to try the trays.
  • Very good trays
    These trays are much stronger than the thinner trays. They have much less tendency to crack and break. You might like to go with the heavy trays if you expect to be using and reusing for years.
  • trays are okay
    Not as heavy duty as I would like but passable. Still flexes a little bit but works with both hands supporting fine. Next time I need trays, I will go with a Mega Duty.
  • Strong
    Great indestructible product. Unfortunately plug flats do not fit properly inside.
  • Excellent quality
    These hold up great over time.
  • Love these trays. Tough and perfect for what I need.
    I use these to keep water available to potted plants in the dry of summer. Works great!
  • Love These
    Great trays. Perfect size and strength.
  • Great trays
    Very sturdy, do break. Reusable for years
  • Sturdy Tays
    I grow all my own vegetables and flowers on my greenhouse. Needy a sturdy tray to move plants around as they grew and were transplanted. The extra heavy duty trays did the trick, they held up, no cracking or splitting.
  • Heavy duty 1020 trays
    Very satisfied with these. They are nice and sturdy and I will be able to reuse them again and again.
  • Great quality Heavy duty trays
    This heavy duty trays are excellent. I used to buy from different company, but they were too thing, breaking easy. This one from Greenhouse Megastore are very good, will last long. Easy to manage and hold full weight of 18 pcs inserts with large plants (watered) very easy. Very happy with this product! Love this store!
  • Better than that box store item
    These trays are sooooo much better than what I previously purchased in a big box store. The price is comparable, but the quality/durability is outstanding. These will definitely be my "go to" trays as we expand our greenhouse plantings.
  • Bought to hold 3 inch sheet pots
    I bought these (with no holes) as the Mega Heavy Duty were unavailable at the time. These are definitely sturdy and seem like they will be reusable for years. I've carried them one handed (gripping at the edge) full of 3" sheet pots planted with peppers and tomatoes and while it flexes quite a bit I haven't had any crack or break on me. Very satisfied and would buy again.
  • Heavy Duty 10x20 Trays
    These can be carried full without twisting or cracking.are much stronger than the average tray and will last for many seasons.
    I highly recommend these trays if you want a tray that can hold up to extreme heat and not lose it's shape like a lot of other trays do. I have used and abused the extra heavy duty trays and they are still doing everything I need them for. They are TOUGH!
  • 1020 Extra Heavy Duty Trays
    Bought a few packs of these. They are great quality and very strong. They hold 18 - 3.25” pots and 8 - 5.5” pots perfectly. You can fit 10 - 4.5” deep pots with extra room, but it makes it easy to carry a lot of pots at once. Probably should have bought more as we had to do a lot of moving around of pots since we didn’t have enough. Overall they were a great buy.
  • Good heavy duty trays
    When you can hold a tray full of plants one handed, and the pots not dump out, I'd say it's heavy duty!
  • Extra Heavy Trays
    Item works very well.
  • 1020 Trays, Extra Heavy Duty
    Great. They work as advertised.
  • Excellent
    Best trays I have ever purchased! Nice and sturdy. Will definitely last!
  • Will last a long time
    The last 1020 trays you will buy.
  • damaged in shipping
    Several arrived with broken corners
  • 1020 trays
    A little flimsy.
  • Nice
    I haven't used these yet, but they are nice.
  • Planting Trays
    I am very pleased with the quality of the 1020 Trays. I am sure that with my use, they will last a very long time.
    These will last several season
  • Pretty Ok
    I got the extra heavy duty version and it is decently strong, but not as strong as I was hoping. It's ok. I will have to order the super heavy duty eventually and see the difference. In the mean time, these will serve their purpose in a mildly underwhelming manner.
  • Wow, really like these.
    Very nice Extra Heavy Trays. Have always gotten the flimsy ones that bust or tear apart. Now I know where to purchase the good Trays!
  • California
    Very well put together. They are standing up to the heat and sunshine of Southern California
  • The best trays I have found
    These are the only trays I will use in my greenhouse. They are sturdy and durable.
  • Sturdy
    Definitely sturdier than the standard-issue trays. As a hobbyist, should last me many, many years.
  • Great
    Will last for many years