1020 Trays Mega Heavy Duty
1020 Trays Mega Heavy Duty
1020 Trays Mega Heavy Duty

1020 Trays Mega Heavy Duty


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1020 Trays, Heavy Duty thickness
1020 Trays, Heavy Duty
0.040" gauge starting thickness
no holes / with holes
1020 Trays, Extra Heavy Duty thickness
1020 Trays, Extra Heavy Duty
0.060" gauge starting thickness
no holes / with holes
1020 Trays, Mega Heavy Duty thickness
1020 Trays, Mega Heavy Duty
0.088" gauge starting thickness
no holes
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This heavy duty thermoformed tray is the strongest 1020 tray we offer at .88" gauge thickness. Tray comes with no center bar or side ribs. No drainage holes in this tray.

  • 10.94" W x 21.44" L x 2.44" D
  • Thermoformed trays designed for consistent performance in automated filling and handling equipment.
  • Don't settle for cheap and flimsy trays. Our 1020 trays are heavy weight and reusable.
  • Used with our inserts to create compact, efficient growing systems for Bedding Plants
  • Starting Thickness: 0.088" gauge (Mega Heavy Duty)
  • Made in the USA - Unlike our competitors "Extra Strength" trays which are imported from China, our Mega Heavy Duty tray is proudly manufactured by American workers in Minnesota

NOTICE: Avoid excessive heat. Do not store outside, especially in direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures may cause empty containers to deform.

2 Year Warranty

We will replace any broken trays due to manufacturer’s defect up to two years from the date of purchase (does not apply to UV degradation from excessive exposure to the sun).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
K.E. (Washington, US)
Trays are still sturdy and uncracked after 4 years of use

I ordered a pack of Mega Heavy Duty Trays (no holes) in April 2020. They are still sturdy and uncracked after 4 years of use. I can carry a fully loaded tray without it bending, which is why I bought the sturdiest tray offered. Each gardening season, I use these trays again and again to hold seed starts (tomatoes, herbs, peppers, and flowers). I also use them to hold strawberry plants and flowerpots when transplanting. They wash easily and stack to store. I decided to leave a review after 4 years because I'm buying square pots to fit the trays. These trays are essential to any garden. Once you buy these trays once, you will not need to buy them again.

Michele (Vacaville, US)
Must have

Sturdy trays for watering my many plants that need to be watered from the bottom. Great for moving potted plants from one place to another place.


Very rigid, can pick up from one end fully loaded without worry of bending or twisting.

Katherine Cooley (Versailles, US)

These trays are like no other! Super sturdy! I don't think I'll have to buy any for a really long time!

Brent stumph (St Louis, US)
Great product

These trays are great. They are a lot stronger than the usual trays I am used to. I would buy more but the shipping is too high.

Anonymous (San Francisco, US)
Not perfect, not close.

Out of the 50 trays I bought, 10 had slight imperfections, warped bottom corners, warped around the logo. Pieces of shreded plastic hanging off the edges and fairly sharp edges as well. Can and will cut your hands if you're not keeping it in mind. All in all, fairly sturdy trays. Will compare to other leading brands before I buy more

Susan Lehr (Washougal, US)
Outstanding durability!

These trays are exceptionally strong!


The new 1020 heavy trays are great. I won't be wasting money on flimsy trays any more.

Steven (Dallas, US)

I was pleasantly surprised how durable these trays are. Definitely ordering more. Good value for the money.

Roberta Lympus (Swisher, US)
Mega Heavy Duty Trays

I love these trays although a bit pricey.