7" Vented Humidity Dome for 1020 Tray

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This heavy-duty plastic 7" Vented Humidity Dome for 1020 Trays features a control dial to help regulate moisture and temperature for your germinating seeds. Overall dimensions will measure 21.5"L x 11"W x 7.5"H. Product Video  
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This heavy-duty plastic 7" Vented Humidity Dome for 1020 Trays features a control dial to help regulate moisture and temperature for your germinating seeds. Overall dimensions will measure 21.5"L x 11"W x 7.5"H.

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Reviews (76)
  • A little light weight
    I was a little disappointed at the light weight material of these domes. I had one dome crack when I was installing the end vent cover. I sometime clip the domes on the 1020 trays to keep them from blowing off in the wind but these trays crack from the binder clips I use. I like the vents but the domes need to be made from heavier material. I had purchase 3 domes a couple of years ago and was very pleased with the quality.
  • Fit varies- but still a useful product
    Over the years I’ve notice a perfect fit and a not so perfect. But not a deal killer. You can adjust them and get a pretty good fit. I think the fit issue comes from storage and usage, they just change over time. Still an essential product. Could be cheaper😉
  • moist & hot
    these domes are sturdy and are able to be vented if necessary, but keep the moisture in as needed for tender sprouts
  • Love the Dome
    These domes are the best! They are high enough to get your plants under when transplanting and work excellent for ventilation. Highly recommend!
  • Great Seedling Trays
    I always start my tomatoes from seed, and these domed trays are perfect for that. Nice quality - should last a number of years.
  • Disappointed
    When these showed up, I thought good enough quality not to break right away. Vent design looked good. Then I placed on a 1020 tray and they don't fit. The perimeter slides around as it is slighty small. I can make it work but all the perimeter seedlings are without space as the sides of the dome almost lineup with the center of perimeter seedlings. I guess I could plant seeds more central but just another flawed design.
  • Poor product - Do Not Buy
    These do NOT snugly fit a 1020 tray, the vents are a joke and they are so flimsy that I am currently shopping for replacements after having received them less than 30 days ago. there is no way these will survive more than 90 days of use without failing in some manner
  • Doesn't fit
    These do not fit snugly on a 1020 tray. I have tried both domes I bought with several trays hoping it was just a fluke molding but they just will not sit properly no matter how much I try. The vents are also difficult to snap into place without tearing the dome. It got the two instead of 0 because it does still hold some humidity in even though it drips out of the tray from the improper fit.
  • Don't buy this
    I just received a shipment of 20 of these They are junk YOu have to put the little humidity doors on yourself, and, even after trying to get them on really well, they feel like they are just going to fall off. The entire shipment I received was slioghtly warped and did not fit the standard trays. Buy the more expensive but woth it domes.
  • Good Idea, Questionable Execution
    The good news is they perform the intended function...for some time anyway. The downside is they are constructed of the thinnest, flimsiest polymer and are sorely overpriced. The side vents in particular should be manipulated as little as possible, as they sooner or later become loose and simply fall off for good. Almost $5 apiece is quite a lot to ask for something so cheaply made.
  • 7in dome
    these are great for starting seeds I love them. Will use them every year. I would highly recommend them.
  • Great Product
    These are sturdy & high so there's plenty of room for your plants to grow. These have been a lifesaver for this cold early spring, keeping my plants warm & in humidity while they grow strong!
  • Will do
    Vents are a little weak, they fall out sometimes, but works good enough.
  • 7' Humidity dome
    these are a good product, but don't fit the good quality 10 x 20 trays, they fit the cheaper trays
  • Great
    Wonderful product. The vented top and sides are perfect for seedlings.
  • 7
    Vents don't fit right or work well .I would rather have unvented cover.
  • Nice vented domes.
    These are tall enough to allow your seedlings room to grow. Great value
  • affordable quality
    was a bit skeptical, and stunned when it arrived..very good quality and GREAT for seedlings & small tomato clones
  • 7-inch Dome
    Just started using the dome. Looks like it will work great. It would be nice to have some sort of clip to make sure the dome does not blow off in the wind.
  • Works great
    Using 2 domes and trays for mini inside green house for sugar pine seedlings.Dome is light weight but sturdy enough and does a great job. I will set up 2 more for starting difficult wild flowers.
  • Vented domed seed starting trays
    I just started using these and I am sure they will work great. This is the system I wish I had found years ago. Not the flimsy type that th big box stores carry.
  • Satisfied
    Product was delivered quickly and is performing exactly as expected.
  • dome loose on 1020 tray
    The dome overlaps all edges, but doesn't close snugly on a 1020 tray.
  • Love these things!
    Such a simple thing and it works great! Forms a little greenhouse which is great for rooting African Violet leaves!
  • Good quality
    These are good quality domes that last. Currently the best I have been able to find. However, the dome curves inward around the edges which impacts the amount of room for the plant growth around the perimeter.
  • Great product
    This 7 dome is fantastic. It is sturdy and fits the pans that I have. I like the ability to open or close vents for aeration as needed. It gives enough height to not have to transplant faster growing plants while waiting for others to catch up.
  • Best Product a at low cost
    We can not find these where I live, I was so glad to locate them. They were just what I wanted.
  • poor product quality
    2 of the 4 vented domes i rcvd had incomplete/defective formation. surface that mates to 1020 trays was not planer and therefore did not seal properly to 1020 trays, making them unacceptable for my use.
  • High domes and vents- Perfect!
    I had bought the whole set for seedlings and i feel the quality is superior and will last many years.
  • Definitely not worth the price
    Very thin, vent doors, which come unattached are terrible to put on and don't stay or work well, and even though the fit standard flats, they are so flimsy they pop off. Would have been better with plastic wrap and much cheaper.
  • Serviceable
    I like that these have more head room than the sloped domes, and they are similar mil thick. I have Permanest flats which are slightly larger so these don't fit exactly, will likely fit 1020 flats fine. I am covering my flats to keep pests from damaging my African violets and these are in an enclosed shed, not exposed to direct light, otherwise expect darkening of plastic. Reasonably priced and fine for my needs.
  • Dome is good for indoor
    Easy to clean and remove
  • Could be better.
    The 7 Dome is very veak. The vent pieces do not fit or work properly. Would not recommend.
  • Vented Dome
    Nicely vented and seem to fit the 1020 tray well. I like the addition of a side vent. Reasonably priced is always a good thing. I'd say a nice quality at a good price.
  • plastic aged very fast
    After one year in greenhouse these turned yellow and became progressively darker the next year, blocking sunlight. The shallow domes I bought at same time did not discolor.
  • doom lid
    works get just didn't realize it didn't come with a bottom but used a old cookie sheet and works good.
  • 7 inch humidity dome
    Great product
  • Good Product
    I use these for seedling flats in my unheated greenhouse in Central NY. The height is ideal for keeping taller seedlings, e.g., cosmos, tomatoes, nicotiana warm and thriving after germination. Vents and their covers are very useful in controlling humidity levels and small critters, e.g., mice, that like to dig in the dirt overnight. I suggest storing domes out of bright sunlight when not in use - will extend their lifespan.
  • well worth it
    The price for this is awesome!! you will not find these for less ANYWHERE else! Not one was cracked during shipping.
  • 7
    Excellent purchase. They keep me from having to buy plants due to chipmunks eating the tender plants as they break the soil.
  • Doesn't fit well
    I like the quality of these covers, however, that don't fit well on the 1020 trays I bought at the same time. I also bought shallow covers which fit well.
  • Perfect
    Perfect dome for cloning or seed starting.
  • Short Changed
    Love the product. Great for keeping nosy cats out of first plantings. Unfortunately I ordered 6 but you only shipped 5.
  • mini greenhouse starts seeds off right
    Durable clear tops with great ventilation allow just the right amount of light and moisture to get seeds off to a great start
  • So handy
    Good sturdy dome that fits perfectly. I've started plants for years using the standard kits but never seen a high dome for propagating until I stumbled on this site. I LOVE GREENHOUSE MEGASTORE.
  • Saving Plant starts from Cold
    High domes were much stronger than I had anticipated. Only problem was trying to fit it over a full tray 3tall pots with plants because of the indentation
  • Follow up to Tight Fit
    Several comments were about the fit, including me. I solved the problem w/a hair dryer. Snap lid on the tray and place a book on the lid to keep in place. I Took a 2 speed hair dryer on first setting. I heated each corner for 8-10 seconds repeating 3 times on each side then same procedure on the other end. You may have to do this several times to releave the stress on the dome. DO NOT use a heat gun and be careful not to melt the plastic. My 7 dome now has a perfect fit. Will order again.
  • Tight Fit
    Purchased 7 Dome & 1020 Tray. Snaps together w/some effort but if touched will pop off. Had a Jiffy Tray of same dimensions and the dome sits on it perfectly. I like the vents. Good price, packaged well & fast shipping.
  • Order of 1020 trays and plastic domes
    Product is of superior quality. Delivery was as promised and the price was very much below what I have paid for the same product.
  • 7
    The domes I ordered and installed seem to work well. They are a lot flimsier than I'd expected, however. They snap down well on an empty flat, but when the flat is filled w/ damp, heavy soil and it tends to bow out at the sides, it's difficult to get the dome to fit tightly. Dome still seems to hold the moisture/humidity, so I guess it works O.K. In conjunction w/ a heat mat and thermostat, I've had phenomenally fast seed germination. I wish they were constructed of a harder, sturdier plastic, but for the price, they work very well.
  • 7
  • Great Domes
    I have used these for a year now. Starting on my third set of seedlings. The domes are study enough to maintain their shape yet pliable. They have lasted the winter without any signs of the plastic fogging or cracking. Definitely worth the price. Buy a case!
  • 7
    Great product! unfortunately, the domes I received don't fit snug with the 1020 tray(as I believe another reviewer mentioned. Not off by much. 4 stars just for this otherwise, 5 star product).They are however, very effective in seed starting stage if, you're able to find a way to secure to the tray(I'm using 2 pcs. of 2 packaging tape. 1 on each side). Ordered four domes and they all arrived in tact and in excellent condition. Would purchase again. As always, another great product being offered by GM.
  • 7
    Excellent product and superior service. Thank you for your quick service.
  • tall humidity domes
    These domes are great. They have three adjustable vents which allows for ventilation and the extra height allows room for my cuttings to grow. I will continue to use them and buy more in the future
  • Good product
    I used these for starting plants in 6 inch terra cotta pots. The extra height works perfectly. Also, while not airtight, the ventilator openings seal very well with minimal loss of humidity.
  • 7
    These domes are nice and are stronger than the ones you can buy at Walmart or any of the home improvement stores. I have very little space indoors that have good sunlight availability and so I have tried stacking the trays and lids onto of each other and these dome have been able to hold the weight of 3 trays together (including the bottom tray) without caving in.
  • Good Price Ok Quality
    The Lids are a great price but they don't fit snugly on the 1020 trays. Not really a problem because you want air flow. I'd still buy them again
  • very handy awesome product
    The vents are probably the selling point being there easy to open and close you can leave you plants longer under this dome giving them time to mature for the price worth it
  • Perfect Humidity Dome
    Great product for your tender seedlings. We use the 7 dome for our indoor seedlings as well as for outside in the spring. Perfect for keeping those pesky squirrels out of the garden until plants are established. We even over wintered some tender spinach with the 7 humidity dome and the plants are tasty & growing strong. Lasts a few seasons if treated with care. Worth every penny.
  • 7
    These are great for covering cuttings in 38-count trays. Also great for growing seedlings. Lots of head room!
  • missing part
    missing a side vent cap
  • Great for fast growing seedlings
    2 domes are certainly good and have a place in every gardeners tool shed. But I have some seedlings that needed the higher humidity of a dome, but were very fast growers, and the 7 inch dome met the needs of my higher humidity seedlings
  • Love These
    Great trays. I have heard others say they are too flimsy, but they seem to be working just fine. I love the air vents that adjust to admit more or less air.
  • 7
    Good idea for starting seeds but side vents are flimsy and pop off easily.
  • Mrs.
    These were exactly what I was looking for! They are perfect for controlling humidity for cuttings that are too tall for the regular 3 domes. I am ordering more!
  • Nice
    A little weaker than I'd like for the money but does the job.
  • Richard
    Much more sturdy than others I have used and the vent system is great.
  • 7
    This is the first year I've used these 7 domes and I really like them.
  • Oops - It happens
    Great price and product. I would order them again. A couple of these were part of my order and was not included among the contents. A simple phone call of less than five minutes had them shipped and then received within a few days with no hassle.
  • Humidity dome
    Very flimsy actually two right out of the box was cracked where the vent insert pops in. I am in Florida so it isn't as big a deal but still the fact that they were the most expensive items should be a little better quality. They do fit the trays well.
  • Not worth $5
    i thought it was a RIGID dome-its flimsy-not worth $5.00. its about 3x the thickness of a 1020 tray(not as flimsy as one you would buy at home depot).
  • humidity dome
    These are just what I was looking for when I grow seedlings. With the smaller clear domes, the seedlings often grow quickly to the top of the dome with no placeto grow. However, I have to learn about how to adjust the vents so teh soil does not dry out.
  • Just OK, needs some tweaking
    The BAD- These domes are slightly flimsy, but not TOO flimsy. Also, they lack a molded-in handle on the top so that you can lift the dome off with one hand like others that I've had. Taking the dome off is a two-handed operation.The GOOD- these domes have not one but TWO adjustable side-vents to keep you cuttings from cooking on hot days in addition to the top-vent. GREAT FEATURE!
  • 7
    This is an excellent dome. Period. It has height in case you need it, it has both a top vent and two end vents that you can dial in just right. THey are heavy weight enough to last for many seasons. A good value.
  • great product
    Great product. Arrived very securely packed. These domes are great for tomato and pepper seedlings, provide the extra head room needed to keep the seedlings warm overnight. Using w/a thermostatically controlled heat mat.