Seed Starting & Planting

Seed Starting & Planting

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      Seed Starter Greenhouse Supplies

      Both DIY planters and professional nurseries can grow plants from scratch using these seed-starting supplies. Greenhouse Megastore will help you develop seedlings so they're ready for an outdoor garden, greenhouse or container pot. Our practical supplies are proven to produce stronger, healthier and more productive plants.

      Starting Seeds Indoors

      Jump-start the growing season by ordering the right tools. Healthy plants start with healthy seeds. We have hundreds of seed supply packs for vegetables, fruits, herbs, microgreens and flowers, letting you grow exactly what your home or business needs. If you want an all-natural garden, order organic seedling starter bags.

      Once you've chosen your seed mixes, use seed starting kits to provide the right growing environment for the early stages of growth. The simplest packages have net pot trays, labels and grow media to nurture seedlings. With a mini greenhouse propagator, you can customize the growing conditions to raise the chances of successful sprouting. Use our wand seeders, germination chambers, seed tables and other supplies at great prices. We even have heat mats to improve soil conditions in trays or small pots.

      Boost Seed Success

      Greenhouse seed starting is easy and fruitful when you have the right supplies backed by more than 30 years of industry experience. Shop for small-scale hobby gardens or in bulk for commercial greenhouses with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our sales representatives are available Monday-Friday to chat about your project and help find a solution. If you're not sure how to start seeds indoors, read our blog post on Successful Seed Starting.