Giant Plus Garden Tray

Item No. CN-GAR-681
This tray has proved popular when used by private and commercial gardeners alike as a large irrigation table for keeping a multitude of potted plants watered. The tray can be filled with grit or capillary matting if preferred. Its sheer size means that by simply filling the tray with a depth of
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This tray has proved popular when used by private and commercial gardeners alike as a large irrigation table for keeping a multitude of potted plants watered.

The tray can be filled with grit or capillary matting if preferred. Its sheer size means that by simply filling the tray with a depth of water, a large number of plants can be watered in minimal time.

The internal capacity is 28 liters (about 7.4 gallons). A series of shallow horizontal ridges on the internal base of the tray aid in drainage. The tray will fit perfectly on most greenhouse staging. Made from recycled polypropylene.


Overall Outer Dimensions - 21.65" W x 47.24" L x 1.57" H

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Exp. Receipt Date 08/12/2022
Reviews (88)
  • Love it
    I have a decades-old 4 tier plant light stand whose original trays (which form the shelves) are one by one cracking and becoming unusable. This tray is the best thing I've found to replace them. I used 1/4" plywood to make a shelf, and then use this tray on top of the plywood. I've also used it as a giant watering tray for my outdoor plants when I've gone away for a few days. It's brilliant.
  • A bit Pricy but 4 1020 Trays DO Fit
    Some reviewers have suggested that four (4) 1020 trays will not fit. That is not true. They do fit with about 1/2 to spare. I currently have 4 1020 trays set on 48" wide wire shelves. I had hoped to replace them with 1 of these. That does not work. Because of the vertical tubes of the wire shelf units... this tray will not fit on 48" wire shelves... even if you trim the lip. So, was a failure for my application. These are not s heavy as I thought they should be and so the price seems very high.
  • Best ever
    Have been looking for a while, and very pleased with your product! Thank you!
  • Giant plus garden tray
    Sturdy, good price. Perfect for my needs.
  • Absolutely amazing
    I have two 48" x 18" wire racks set up as a pair and can put two of these trays across each level with enough wiggle room to be comfortable. Each tray fits 4 of my 2" deep 1020 trays that I bought from here (8 per level). I've installed a watering system for these giant trays which save a lot of time and wear&tear on my trays. I love these heavy duty trays. They save me time, effort, and money (I buy the 5 packs)
  • Perfect for keeping things neat and organized
    Took me a long time to find these and they are perfect for 2’ by 4’ grow shelving system. Hold 4 - 10x20 trays under the lights just perfectly. Catches overspill and dirt . Also use one for seed starting area to fill trays without getting potting soil all over things. I’m very happy with this purchase! Nice heavy duty tray!
  • 1020 trays dont fit
    I bought these to make bottom watering 1020 trays easier in my greenhouse. A previous review said that 1020 trays fit four across. My 1020s don’t fit four across in this garden tray. I’m disappointed but I’ll find another use for them.
  • Perfect Tray for Home or Greenhouse
    I purchased this size tray to use under the plants I bring inside for winter. They keep the floor dry and my plants moist. In the Spring I will move the trays to my greenhouse for young plants and seedlings. I love the size, durability and quality. I will buy more!
  • Flood tray
    This tray fits on my 2'x4' shelving. And the 2" 1020 trays fit 4 across. There 1"trays don't go down in, so I put a 2"tray under the 1" tray so it will fit under the light
  • Solid purchase
    These are great, really cleaned up my greenhouse area and helped organize plants without needing all the small saucers. These feel durable and I'll probably order more. Sticker Labels pulled off easily in one piece ( a huge bonus ).
  • More than I hoped for
    Large heavy tray with deep sides to hold water. Plan to use these to hold 4" and 6" pots to water from the bottom. Hold 1020's . Couldn't be happier with this product. Made in England.
  • An odd size if you want it for bottom watering
    Inside dimension is 20.0" x 45.875". Standard 1020 plug trays or Proptek 10"x20" trays do not fit. Previous review mentioned them being 52" long, so I guess product has changed over a couple of years.
  • Giant Garden Tray
    This is our Master Gardener 3rd year using these trays for bottom watering our seedlings. Best type of watering for new seedlings - also makes watering easier and more efficient. These trays are sturdy , 2 people can carry/move a full tray easily and safely.
  • Does the job
    Excellent material, sturdy, fits my beds on legs perfectly. Very happy and recommend.
  • Excellent service & product
    Products are the best. Fast service
  • Excelent tray
    Good sturdy tray of hard plastic material. Not using it in the garden as was its intended use but as a tray for acrylic pour painting. Because of its length and width can use several 8x10 canvas panels at one time.
  • Excellent for bottom watering
    These trays are outstanding for bottom watering. This company has top-notch customer service too. It with confidence!!!
  • Large plastic tray
    The tray was back-ordered but came right after the anticipated arrival date. Unfortunately it came cracked but when I called customer service they were wonderful, immediately sent a new tray. It is huge and wonderful, holds all of my seedlings and makes it so easy to bottom water them all at once.
  • large plant pans
    I love these pans. They fit my greenhouse bench and will hold several 18 of 12 count pot trays 3 or so pots. I now have five of that trays and would recommend them to anyone.
  • Awesome product
    These garden trays are awesome and are ideal for the job. They are well made, and of high quality. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who requires them.
  • Perfect
    The garden tray I ordered arrived quickly and was exactly what I had been looking for.
  • Love
    I am using these to put plants on for the winter, i absolutely love them!
  • Giant plant tray
    I'm ambivalent with this, 1st I love the size it's so hard to find one that almost fits a commercial 4ft shelf. It don't, it length is 52 I had to take a rubber mallet and slam it into the shelf. Yes this is the only tray to come close to fitting a 48 shelf, but it had to be forced in with a mallet to fit. I gave it a 4 out of 5 rating.
  • Perfect
    I purchased these trays to put in my garden window. The trays are very sturdy and are the perfect size. I am very pleased with them.
  • Giant Plus Garden Tray
    I use the trays for holding 1, 3 and 5 gallon grow bags. Works absolutely great.
  • Great Tray BUT....
    Well made tray and it fits regular 1020 trays BUT I purchased these for growing micro greens in the shallow 1020 trays and four of them won't fit down in this tray.Other than that it is a great tray and I would buy again.
  • Durable tray
    A perfect size for staring several trays of seeds and pots It's very tough with great ridges on the bottom to keep plots from sitting in water. Great price !,,,
  • It does the job. The price is right.
    Perfect for bottom of garden window. Good stiff plastic, excellent value.
  • o.k. planter trays
    The planter trays worked o.k. I would suggest adding some drain holes to prevent ponding.
  • Great quality
    This tray more than served its purpose. Good price for the quality and size.
  • Great Tray!
    Fits four 1020 trays like a glove and fits under a T5 eight light fixture perfectly!! Wish I had found this thing a long time ago. I might order another to set by the door for muddy shoes and boots. Super price for great quality!
  • Exactly What I Needed
    These trays are high quality and will probably last for many years in my application. I have 24 x 48 commercial steel wire shelving to grow microgreens on. The trays fit the shelving perfectly and hold 4 1020 trays. The Giant Plus Garden Trays are used to bottom water the microgreens which are grown in the 1020 trays. If you could find trays similar to these Giant Plus trays anywhere else they would probably cost $60 or more!
  • Actual usable dimensions a little less
    Good quality, but the published dimensions are slightly larger than the usable dimensions, by about half an inch. I use 1020 plug inserts similar to CN-PLG sold here and they won't fit the interior width dimension of these trays. Still, they should work well in the greenhouse, or better yet the shade house (less UV), for 4 inch pots and six packs.
  • Great
    I use these trays for poop container for my puppiesWorks great!!!
  • Very Handy Tray
    Great tray, fits perfectly on 2x4 shelves and makes watering a lot easier! Could be a bit sturdier but a most excellent value! Fast shipping and great packaging as well, thanks again :D
  • Great trays
    I am using these trays on my pool deck for my Christmas Cactus' to sit on. They are great for catching the little leaves that fall off sometimes. Perfect size.
  • worth it
    Heavy duty doesnt crack bends well quality product...i stepped on it a few times already 389lbs. No damage! I recommend for indoor or outdoor use
  • These things are perfect.
    One of these perfectly holds 4 1020 trays under a 4'x 8 bulb t5 grow light with just enough room left over to underwater if you need to. Plus, they are durable enough to hold muddy boots and shoes inside the backdoor. Every gardener need a few of these.
  • Mega Garden trays
    They trays are very large. They hold 4 starter trays (72 seedlings). I love how durable they are. I have already recommended them to my gardener friends.
  • Great Seedling trays
    I'm using these trays over heat mats, with 4 seeded pots in them. They hold the heat well and I am getting good germination.
  • Great seed starting trays
    I bought these for my seed starting rack, which holds two LED strip lights per shelf. These trays fit perfectly. I use 4 mesh trays within each of these large trays to hold soil blocks. These trays are not only the perfect size, but seem very durable, have high sides for bottom watering, and are made of recycled plastic. A great buy!
  • Well made and great price.
    This tray is a great value for the price they charge. I couldn't find anything close to the quality anywhere on the 'net. I highly recommend it. This tray will easily hold twelve 7 square pots or twenty one 6 square pots.
  • Giant Plus Garden Tray
    Just what I was looking for perfect fit. High quality.
  • loved it
    it worked great for what I got it for, which was watering more than 1 flat at a time. I am planning on ordering more
  • Heavy duty
    I am using this tray for dyeing fabric. It is very sturdy and well made. I am very pleased with it.
  • Best surprise
    Far sturdier than I'd imagined. Perfect for work in my dyeing studio (though gardeners should be just as pleased with the tray).
  • Not just for gardening!
    I am a fabric dyer and use these trays in my business. This tray is wide enough for me to dye a full width of fabric without having to fold the fabric. I can scrunch up as much as 8 - 10 yards in one tray. The trays are very sturdy and easy to clean up.
  • Garland Giant Plus Trays
    I bought just one of these trays to see how it worked in my shade house. I grow a lot of mint and I need a way to keep it moist but not soggy and a while back I switched to a capillary system. At that time, I simply put an 8'x2' sheet of 2 styrofoam on my tables, covered it with capillary cloth and added a water reservoir at each end. It worked reasonably well at first but then I noticed the mint was not uniformly moist. And so I adapted my system, cutting the styrofoam and cloth to fit into this Giant Plus tray. The tray is exactly the right size for my tables. After a week of watching it stay fully moistened and my mints responding nicely, I decided to buy more trays. I have 8 of them set up now and the difference between the mint still on the old method compared to this new system with the trays is unbelievable!Using the trays has reduced the amount of water wasted. The trays are sturdy enough that they don't crack, split or otherwise fail, causing the plants to dry out before I can get to them.To say I'm thoroughly pleased would be an understatement. I'm happy enough that I plan on converting my entire 24x30 shade house to this capillary system using the Giant Plus trays.
  • garden tray
    I bought this to fit under my wood rack to keep my floor cleaner and not have wood chips works perfect
  • heavy duty, but ...
    I'm happy with the stiffness and overall quality, but the width is a hair short of allowing my square cell trays to sit inside for watering. :-( Regular 1020s and mesh-bottom trays fit fine, but the shallow white trays and square cell trays sit on the lip and therefore don't hit the bottom.
  • Perfect for my needs
    I needed these to hold 4 1020 trays. They did that great!! Very well built and strong. I plan on buying more when my operation expands.
  • Great trays!
    These trays are perfect for bottom watering and are a nice thickness, not too flimsy. Unfortunately they have a tendency to be damaged in shipping. But otherwise good.
  • Johnny
    The product is solid but I bought it for a 48 shelf rack and the tray is too long to fit the commercial shelf unit. Kind of defeats the purpose. The tray needs to be shorter by an inch so it will fit on a standard rack. Otherwise it is just a really big tray to sit on the floor. Little trays work for that purpose and take up less space. Please consider adjusting the length to make it fit shelving units. I would definitely buy more if I could get ones that fit the commercial racks.
  • Good Quality
    These are the best Plant trays I have owned. Nice to see quality for a change.
  • giant tray
    Great Price! Super heavy duty and great value!
  • Great trays.
    I am using these under containers for my porch container garden. The trays are sturdy and large. I am able to water quite a few large pots without dripping water to the patio below mine. great product.
  • Giant Garden Tray Review
    Items were pretty sturdy but delivery was terrible. Items showed up with chips and cracks. If items were not damaged in delivery, they would have been 4 or 5.
  • Great tray
    True to size and VERY heavy duty, sturdy. Great price!
  • Giant Garden Tray
    I was looking for a large tray for my greenhouse bench. I wanted something that nested in my bench to catch run-off when watering my orchids. A shelf below it holds additional orchids and I didn't want them to catch dripping watering from the plants above. The tray is very sturdy and I now wish I had ordered a two.
  • giant garden tray
    nice sturdy tray worth the money but in my little greenhouse a little too big for me. very well made and deep I just need to reconfigure my shelves
  • Large, large tray
    Very good price. Really a good solid tray for larger jobs. Makes it much easier to rotate plants so they don't get one sided. Also makes it much easier to bottom water plants or just hold a respectable volume of water. Many more positive applications.
  • excellent tray for sprouting
    I ordered several different sizes to try them for sprouting barley. This tray handles fifty pounds of sprouts with no problem
  • Just what we needed.
    We ordered this tray to use under a 24 x 48 piece of Doggie Lawn (hydroponic lawn) for our son's dog. If the tray was about 1 to 2 wider it would be perfect, but it works just fine and was MUCH less expensive than the tray sold by the lawn supplier. (It's a subscription service for a small urban dog.) I was very happy to find the giant garden tray on your website. Thanks for a very useful product!
  • What Exspensive ?
    I would pay twice the price to get such quality. And they are maid in the UK. NOT CHINA Some people you just cant please.
  • Carson
    I rated this a 3 because it gets 10 stars for it's practicality, and ZERO for the exurbanite cost. I'll NOT purchase this WONDERFUL tray until the price goes down. Let's face it, the mold has been made and mass production zips 'em out for pennies on the dollar. PLEASE don't yank my chain and think you can bilk me by that kind of a margin. Don't get me wrong, I love to make everything easier. This tray would help do that, but I refuse to be taken advantage of.
  • Great product
    These are very useful trays and at a real bargain price. They simplify my watering process and shorten it drastically. Presently I am still watering by hand but I plan on putting overflow holes in them and water by a timer. I liked them so well I ordered more.
  • Sweeet!
    I've got a 24in x 48in shelving unit that I am using for seed starting, and I didn't want it ruined by spills. This tray fits perfectly! It holds four 1020 trays, with a little room for a few extra individual cells. Much heftier material then I expected, so was very pleased. Maybe next spring I'll invest in a second one and star more seeds!
  • Great for Litter Boxes
    This item turned out to be better than expected. It's very durable plastic and I actually purchased it to go under my cats litter box. It is very efficient at keeping the area clean of the litter and more organized.
  • Gardener
    Great Product. Fast Shipping!!!
  • purchaser,end user
    Very happy with tray. Great value. Would have liked to have a deeper tray, but at 5 times the price, I decided these would be adaquate. Limited locations for placements of drains. I used 2 sink drains, and finding a place free of the raised ribs was not an option. Used plumbers putty to create seal.
  • Just the Ticket
    I think these are going to be perfect for my little greenhouse. I am trying to set up a bottom-wicking watering system for seedlings for when I am out of town for a day or two.
  • Fantastic
    Great product holds 4 black 1020 gardening trays.
  • Good quality and quick delivery, too!
    The garden trays we ordered delivered almost instantly and are of very solid construction.
  • Jennifer
    This is a good quality tray. Flats don't quite fit cross ways. I would prefer a slightly wider tray so flats could sit on the bottom for easier watering.
  • Giant Plus Garden Tray
    Excellent quality. They sent it promptly in a well secured box and the product is very good. It fit perfectly into the shelving I made for it and should last quite a while!
  • Sledding anyone?
    I like these as others have said you can place 4 1020s on them with a bit of room extra but not much. I believe it is sturdy enough for an adult to go snow sledding down a hill a few times. However not so sturdy that it would survive a day of it.
  • Large Garden Plus Garden Tray
    The trays are very sustantial. You can fit 4 of the 1020 flats on them, although, I am not strong enough to lift the full tray when they are loaded. The depth provides a perfect solution for watering evenly from the bottom of the flat. They are very high quality and I am very satisfied with the purchase.
  • Garden tray
    Great tray,very sturdy.Its not too deep but does the job well!
  • Roderic
    This thing is a beast. Even though I clearly read the size in the description, it still was monstrous in person. It is as solid and well-built as possible. Should last a lifetime and have multiple uses over its long life.
  • purchaser
    Very sturdy trays. Fits on my plant stand and holds 4 flats of seedlings.
  • Great for the orchid house
    These trays are what I have been looking for the past 4-5 years. They are perfect to set various orchid pots on a thin bed of gravel.
  • Just what I needed!
    This is the best plant tray I have ever bought. I've had grow lights for years but always had to catch as catch can for the trays and they were usually ugly, cheaply made and certainly, not worth the money.
  • Ramar Lane HoneyBee Farm
    Nice heavy duty material and well worth the cost. The product exceeded my expectations. Thanks for the great purchasing experience.
  • Plant tray
    This tray is exactly what I was searching for. Strong, durable and easy to clean. I can put all my seedling and plants on this tray under my grow light. I don't have to worry about plant drainage after watering anymore. This was worth the money.
  • Giant tray is almost perfect
    This tray is very sturdy and just the right length. However, it could be about 1.5 inches wider, especially at the ends where it curves in. As it is, you have to squeeze in the 1020 size flats. I'm still probably going to get a couple more because it is so handy not to have to have individual drip trays.
  • Giant Plus Garden Trays
    I read other reviews and wasn't thoroughly convinced that these trays are heavy duty.I can assure you they are made as thick or thicker than 5 gallon buckets and look like they should last for a long time. The trays are very sturdy and deep enough to adequately bottom water seedlings in flats. Plus you can move 4 standard flats at a time with these trays. I intend to order more before next year's greenhouse plantings. Two Thumbs Up!!!
  • Giant Plus Garden Tray
    The inside of the tray is 26inches by 46inches. The tray is thick and durable and will last for many years to come. It's great for the times of the year that I start my seedlings inside, and the tray is strong enough for me to move it and my seedlings around on it.