Deepot Tree Pots

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Great for a wide range of hardwood and other tree seedlings, Deepots give plant roots the space and depth they need, making them an excellent choice for plants requiring a deep root ball. Specially designed tray (sold separately) is capable of holding 25 pots and allow seedlings to be spread out
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Great for a wide range of hardwood and other tree seedlings, Deepots give plant roots the space and depth they need, making them an excellent choice for plants requiring a deep root ball. Specially designed tray (sold separately) is capable of holding 25 pots and allow seedlings to be spread out or consolidated, giving you control over sorting and growing density.

  • Each cell has 8 vertical ribs to train roots downward.
  • Outside stacking lugs prevent cells from sticking together.
  • Wedging ribs keep the collars in place.
  • The bottom of each cell has 5 drainage holes.
  • Made with post-industry, pre-consumer recycled polypropylene resin.

D60 pots have a cell diameter of 2.5", a depth of 14", and are the largest available size.

D43 pots have a cell diameter of 2.7" and a depth of 10".

D40 pots have a cell diameter of 2.5" and a depth of 10". Interwoven design of D40 pots maximizes growing space.

D33 pots have a cell diameter of 2.7" and a depth of 8".

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Reviews (57)
  • noclegi z basenem podlaskie
  • kwatery augustow centrum
  • Deep tree pots
    Good product easy to work with. Great for growing American Chestnut seedlings.
  • First time growing Kentucky Coffee Trees from seeds
    My son who worked at an arboretum, suggested I buy these tree pots for my Kentucky Coffee Tree seedlings which I grew for a mixture of 50% perlite, 50% peat moss. The seedlings are 8” high and I bought the 40L pots. I’m not sure I bought the right size pots, perhaps I s/h bought longer ones? Should I use the same mixure of peat/perlite when I transplant to the tree pots? I put non scratch felt furniture protection pads on the PVC pipes so as not to scratch my painted surface. Worried about water dripping, wish there was a collection tray. Will use coffee filter to prevent growing medium from coming out. Thank you!
  • Needed a small MacGyver
    The hole at the bottom allows growing medium to drop out but wadding a bit of burlap at the bottom of the cell solves the problem. Great for starting grape cuttings. Plan to use them to start pawpaw.
  • Recycled and reusable
    I have bought these a couple of times for native tree reproduction, and am delighted at how healthy the trees grow, how much I save on soil, how much labor is reduced (i can get 12 trees in my backpack when I climb the mountain into the forest, instead of 2-3 bagged trees), and at the fact that I have been able to reuse most cones 3 or 4 times.
  • Tubular !!
    Great product & price. New trees soon !!
  • Good could be better
    The product functions as advertised but a few design flaws. 1. Once all 25 of the deepots are full of dirt it overloads the legs and they begin to bow. I built a square PVC frame to connect legs and that works great. Also due to the wait once they are all full they become imposable to move with the above mentioned square base. 2. When plants begin to grow the deepots are to close together and must compete for space. Othisewiss I was pleased with the product and would purchase again.
  • Planting pots
    The pots purchased arrived swiftly, and the quality is as advertised. I would purchase this item again.
  • Deepots Tray
    Purchased with the Deepots D40L. The tray can hold 25 pots and it is sturdy and easy to assemble. Plenty of room between the pots for the plants to emerge.
  • Deepots D40L
    Used these pots to plant American Chestnuts. This tree needs a tall pot for its strong tap root. Expect transplanting to go very easily from the Deepots.
  • Great way to start Live Oak
    These pots are fantastic for starting Live Oak from acorns. The extra depth allows a small tree to develop a strong deep root system. I have about 110 deepots going now. Once they are larger and the ground is damp, I plan to use a 3 inch (by 24 inch) auger to drill into the ground to transplant the tree.I used a little coarse compost in the bottom of each pot (for drainage), followed by a mix of 1 part sand to 3 parts of potting soil, then placed an acorn which had sprouted (stratified) into the pot and covered with a bit more of the compost.These pots are durable, I started out using the stand sold but found it preferable to use a board with holes drilled in it. It looks a little like a wine rack, but works great for the deepots. I will submit pictures if desired.
  • 5 stars
    perfect and compact way to start seedlings from shrubs to trees ,highly recommended
  • perfect placeholder
    great for organization for seedling deepots
  • great pots
    great pots for long rooted plants.
  • I bpught more
    Best devices you seedlings with a large tap root with only a few hair roots. Not planted in the ground but in a backyard nursery so you can water them regularly and protect them from wildlife so they can get a good start and form a root ball before you plant them out there amoungst the hazards.
  • Deepots
    I planted Bur Oak acorns & transplanted sprouted oaks into these pots because the roots grow straight down which makes the roots stronger. We are very pleased with these pots.
  • Perfect for long roots
    These are perfect for starting bare root trees, bushes etc... I wish I found these when I had over 20 bare root trees to start. Keeps the root ball long and deep with little dirt making easy to transplant when ready. Simply squeeze the plastic case and gently pull your tree with root ball nicely intact. You can also use a razor to cut the plastic tube to access your tree. It must be removed prior to planting. Don't worry about SMALL cuts on the roots as that will be good for more root stimulation; just don't cut too deep. Cut only deep enough to clear the plastic. Add some mycorrhizae to your roots, follow directions.
  • Better than starts in pots
    These are a great idea. The roots go straight down, the starts are never root bound and all one has to do is remember to dig that hole sufficiently deep before transplanting. And, they can be used over and over. I'll never buy starts in a nursery again unless I have to do so.
  • gardener
    I love the pots.They are great for seedking trees because they allow for a nice root system to develop rather than be rapidly cramped in a 4 inch pot. I bought some smaller ones also and a stand to hold 98 pots. Wish it had a tray under it for bottom wattering. However they also fit nicely into plastic pots. Put a couple inches of soil in the bottom to hold them up so they don't fall over when you try to put them all in. They will ship nicely and can simply be placed in a vase or jar for bottom wattering.
  • Pawpaw tree
    just the thing I needed for my pawpaw tree seeds had to be deep for the roots. work fine thanks
  • Deepot review
    I have a very specific need for these deep pots. Welwitchia mirabilis(google the name!) requires a very deep pot for the long taproot it produces. It also does not like its roots disturbed. I've been looking for a long time for something to start this plant in and these fit the bill perfectly. Strong and durable, they are working great. And pliable enough to cut off the root system in a few years which will keep from disturbing the roots all too much. I highly recommend this product and the necessary stand to anyone needing a deep pot for plants with large, deep taproots and particular needs. My seedlings are looking great and healthy. An unusual plant with unusual needs and this is the perfect product for them. I bought 50 and will soon be buying more as I produce more seed.
  • Deepots - Tray with 3/4
    Very unstable and flimsy,espeicially when using the D60 pots. Would not recommend.
  • Deepots - D60 pots - pack of 25
    Concept good but plastic very thin. Bottom holes allow dirt to fall out.
  • Tree pots!
    Excellent product! Hope to be planting good trees in the fall!
  • Functional
    They serve their purpose, but are remarkably flimsy. We use them to start seeds. We put coffee filters in the bottom to contain the soil.
  • Functional
    Flimsy as could be, but does the job. I used pvc cement to stick the legs on. If I needed a long-term set up, I would invest the time/money to make my own.
  • Deep Pots
    The deep pots were exactly as advertised. However, they are sold separately from the supporting rack, which wasn't clear to me in the ad. I had to order it separately when the pots arrived without it. The company waived the shipping price for the second product, however. (The shipping charge was actually higher than the cost of either product.)
  • As expected
    Seem like a really nice product at a good price. These can be used and re-used as they are quite sturdy. I have been working to start a grove of English walnuts but have had trouble getting larger sticks going. Especially first year. Plus the large stock is expensive. Idea here is to start with smaller stock and control the first year more before I put them out. I bought the taller pot to manage the long tap and they fit just right with 12-18 starts. I actually stood 15 of them in a 5 gallon bucket which lets me move them around, and be sloppy with water. Good investment I think.
  • Perfect for Chestnuts
    I bought these to plant Chestnut trees. They work great! Excellent quality. Stable and durable. No chance of falling over or collapsing. Excellent drainage yet soil doesn't escape after tubes are filled.
  • Stand for Deep pots planted with Chestnuts
    This stand holds the pots with trees growing nicely. Good quality and durable. Won't tip over or collapse.
  • great pot!
    These tree seedling pots are just what I was looking for- 8 tall and 2 around- for tree seedlings.
  • Great pots
    I have lots of cuttings to plant. These pots will be a benefit to the process.
  • good material
    Is what I expected, good price for what you get. Same as what is used in commercial businesses.
  • Nice Deep pots
    Using them to start trees with a tap root. Nice and don't use much potting soil. My husband drilled holes in a board and put on top of a plastic crate to make a holder. Works great. A few were broken/torn when received...not from shipping.
  • Great so far
    More sturdy than peat pots. Holding up better when wet. So far so good.
  • Deep Pots
    Extra deep pots are great for deep rooting plants.
  • Great Tree Pots
    These worked so good last year, bought more this year. The one I used twice last season and loaded again this year are holding up well. Not sure how many years I'll get out of these but appear to be built to last. If your growing trees that grow a a long tap root like Oaks you will love these. Most of my Oaks last year had a 12 inch tap root when I planted them. They grew great and didn't need to water them with that long tap root started and growing deeper every day. Had a few oaks that were 4 feet tall their first season.
  • Legs???
    These are nice and sturdy stands that you can stack about 5 high without getting wobbly. I would order them again. Review would have been a 5, but whoever is pulling inventory for shipment apparently hasn't been trained to include the legs, or the system doesn't remind them. I had to wait to use my deepots because my stands didn't have legs. Customer service told me this is a frequent issue.
  • Hole in bottom of the Deepots is too large
    I have to plug the hole in the bottom of the Deepots with plastic mesh fabric in order to keep my substrate (course sand) from pouring out. Otherwise they work perfectly for what I had intended. The trays don't seem very sturdy, but they haven't fallen over yet.
  • trays for Deep Pots for trees
    These are a bit awkward to move around once they're fully loaded, which shouldn't be a problem as once they're in place i don't plan to move them again. and i'm not sure how they will be once the trees start growing since they're so close together, perhaps i shouldn't have planted tree pots in each hole. anyway for the price they seem perfect for the job.
  • Deep Pots for trees
    I bought 100 of these and they are working great for sowing all the native tree seeds i collected this fall. The huge 1-inch drainage hole a bit of an obstacle to keep the potting mix from washing out, but i followed their advice of plugging it with stones and yeah that worked out perfectly. i need to buy more!
  • not as sturdy as the kind megastore used to sell
    i have had to buy the current style deep pot holders twice now, and they are not nearly as useful or sturdy as the type that greenhouse megastore used to sell. these are just a tray of holes and inserts for pvs pipe legs, they are wobbly, hard to move the tray and can be unstable. the kind i got before are much more sturdy and a bit more multipurpose in the greenhouse. hope they get the higher quality ones back in stock.
  • Neat Product
    Well made cone shaped containers are great for deep rooted plants that need a longer growth period. I use them for starting 2 year old conifer seedlings by stuffing some insulation material down to the bottom and then filling with soil mix. They drain fine without washing out the potting mix.
  • Neat Product
    Tray holds the Deep pots nicely in place. well supported.
  • deep pot flat holders inferior
    the deep pot flat holders that megastore used to sell were far superior to the ones stocked now. the ones being sold now are unstable at times in the greenhouse and the square vs rectangular shape is harder for me to use in my greenhouse. very disappointed. had to order some more but need to find the kind you used to sell.
  • cow pots /planters
    great company, great product. pots made from,real cow poop, not old cardboard oil cases/half plastic cartons. biodegradable yet will stay firm long enough to get plants off to a great start.
  • President
    The order was shipped timely and was exactly what I expected!
  • Deepots tray
    this tray is virtually useless.It is not sturdy and falls down and apart as soon as you put your pots in it.The the soil falls out of the pots and the plants can get injured. I am going to return it.
  • Deepots
    Awesome! Just exactly what I wanted for my tomato, eggplants, jalapenos, green peppers, heirloom zinnias, and hollyhock seedlings! Their roots are already happy!
  • Deepots
    Perfect for what I need them for; rooting brugmansia cuttings. Love the 98 one, with the white pots. On the 25 count pots/trays, the legs are a bit flimsy, and the tray tends to sway to one side or another because of the weight. I keep it in a rough tote of the same height, to avoid disaster, otherwise, I love them. Next year, I may only plant every second one, to make it more stable.
  • deepots, deepot rack and Hormodin
    Great products and great service.thanks.
  • Great Product
    These are great for starting any tap root plant, I used mine for trees and they are doing very well. The tray that goes with these are a must have, because there is no way to use them without it.
  • Great Product
    This product is very nice to have in addition to the deepots, actually it is required as the deepots will not stand on their own. Would be a five star review, but the tray is a little flimsy and seems like it will not hold up long term. With the pots filled and planted I believe the tray might break if it had to be moved holding all 25 deepots. They are working great for now though.
  • Deep-root pots
    The value is excellent, and the size and shape is perfect for starting deep tap rooted tree seedlings with an economic amount of potting medium. Worth it!!
  • Deepots
    These are just good Deepots. Shipping is fast and service is fine. These pots are great for rooting cuttings and growing seedlings. They work very good for me. Can recommend.
  • igrowclematis
    the BEST...faster root growth and the most plants in the least space with no compromise to the plant...this is an amazing system, not just for trees.