Amblyseius Andersoni for Spider Mite Control

Amblyseius Andersoni for Spider Mite Control


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Amblyseius andersoni is used to prevent and control spider mites. Less than 1mm in size, Amblyseius andersoni is a predatory mite that feeds on a variety of small arthropod prey and pollen. Their main target pests are spider mites (Tetranychus spp.), European or citrus red mite (Panonychus spp.), and Eriophyid mites, including the tomato rust (or russet) mite (Aculops lycopersici).

Adult female Amblyseius andersoni lay single eggs onto leaf hairs, which will hatch into larvae after 2-3 days. All mobile stages of this beneficial mite are predatory, and will feed on eggs, juveniles, and adult spider mites. Their optimum performance temperature is between 43 and 104°F. In early autumn, Amblyseius andersoni will enter into a diapause, which allows them to survive winter. They are reported to become active again in early January (depending on temperature and food availability).

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