Capillary Matting
Capillary Matting

Capillary Matting


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The Phytotronics CapMat™ II is designed to give your plants the right amount of water. By placing potted plants on capillary matting and then saturating the lightweight polyester fabric, the plant roots absorb only the water they need. You can pour water directly onto these capillary mats or add a distribution system such as a drip line which simplifies plant irrigation even more.

With 4-foot or 6-foot bulk rolls available that won't fray when you cut them, CapMat II capillary matting for plants will accommodate any greenhouse bench. The strong, mildew-resistant fabric is light gray to reflect light away and can be reversed when one side wears out. Check out the manual below for more information about the CapMat II and how to install it. This smart watering mat ships free anywhere in the lower 48 states.

CapMat II Capillary Mat Features:

  • Made of non-woven, reversible polyester fabric
  • Resistant to shrinking
  • Exceptional strength wet or dry
  • Resistant to mildew, rot and chemicals
  • Resilient, does not crush readily
  • Light gray color for excellent light reflection
  • 100-foot rolls can be cut to size and do not fray
  • Mat thickness is 1.0 mm
  • Capillary lift is 8.0 cm

Additional Information

Capillary Mat Manual (PDF)

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James Olson (Exeter, US)
Seems to work

I am using this capillary matting in a greenhouse propagation setting. It is rather thin so doesn't hold that much water, to make up for this I use it three layers deep which works well. I do like watering the seed starting trays with capillary mats and a small amount of misting as this allows me to water once a day and get good germination which is a lot less labor than having multiple watering's per day and also far less expensive than a fully automated mist watering system at the scale I am operating at. If I had to do it again I might spend more for the thicker mat but I think the triple layer of this product is less expensive per square foot than the single layer of the thicker mats so it is a good option.