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These narrow "Cone-tainers" allow for considerable plant growth in a small space. The tall, cone-shaped design and internal vertical anti-spiral ribs let roots grow deep and straight. Each individual cell has a center drainage hole on the bottom and four side-drain holes on the tapered end.

SC7 cells have a cell diameter of 1.5", a depth of 5.5", and a volume of 107ml or 6.53 cu. in.

SC10 cells have a cell diameter of 1.5", a depth of 8.25" and a volume of 164 ml or 10 cu. in.

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Debbie Swift
Quick and Easy!

I bought these for starting Am Chestnuts, Dunstan Chestnuts, black locusts, black locusts with purple flowers, thornless honey locusts, acorns, and moringa seeds. The containers are quick and easy to fill. I potted up most of the sprouted chestnuts about 3 weeks ago. The tallest are now about 4"tall, but most are only about 1 - 2" tall. These containers should encourage a nice central tap root. I also love that these take less growing medium to fill. The only downside is that they only have 1 diameter. For the larger Dunstan chestnuts, it be nice to have a slightly wider diameter. Great buy though! I would buy it again!


5 stars


These conetainers are awesome! Great for Chestnuts and Oaks!

Roger Lanier
Great system

I use the cone tainers and trays to start pine trees because they are hard to find in quality due to all of the fire restoration in the PNW. The deep roots established in these containers help the seedlings survive the hottest part of the summer with no supplemental water. I get at least 80% survival if I give the seedlings a year in the cones and plant in the spring. Far better than bare root stock.

Legacy Review
Perfect prairie seedling starters

Product arrived quickly and works well for seedling starting

Legacy Review
This is a big ALMOST

I simply cannot fathom why any company went to this length and NOT include some form of propagation dome / covering with enough height to cover tree cuttings! This is such a sad oversight, and although I can make one myself, I am also a business man and would strangle someone offering this product from my business without having thought this through.

Legacy Review
Great product

Absolutely the best container I've spent money on!! Great root development, plants are growing healthy and strong

Legacy Review
Cheap... Made in China.

Conetainers were okay but not easy to get seedlings out of. Also not made in USA.

Legacy Review
Great For Sowing Large Seed Rare Conifers

I use these cones for a variety of uses...from sowing large seed rare conifers, to rooting rare cactus cuttings, to potting up cactus seedlings...used in conjunction with the germination trays, bottom watering is regulated and safe from over watering.

Legacy Review
Short cones don't reach the tray

I like the idea of this, but I bought the shorter cones, thinking they would be adequate for my needs. Unfortunately, the cone-holders are only one size (height), and are made for the deeper cones. In order to water from the bottom, one would need to add several gallons of water to the tray, to reach the bottom of the cones. Besides the weight, I think having that much water always present may lead to mold problems. Watering from the top always has problems of mold, root growth, etc. How have other people dealt with this?
I haven't figured out a way to deal with this yet-- I tried putting rigid foam in the bottom of the tray to take up some of the volume of the water-- but of course, it floats and just pushes the cones up. I could use construction adhesive to attach the foam to the bottom, but I think there would be problems with that-- the tray has ridges so there would always be a film of water underneath and I think that will mold, too.