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Dramm Soaker Hose


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Watering by hand is still the eco-friendly choice when you have a Dramm soaker hose. The ColorStorm is designed for gentle, even watering, mimicking a light rainfall. By making the walls 50% thicker than a standard soaker hose, Dramm prevents the "geyser effect" that wastes so much water. This combination means you'll use up to 90% less water than regular hoses or cans.

Want even more convenience and even less water waste? You can bury the soaker hose up to six inches underground for use as-is or with irrigation systems. The flexible recycled materials won't burst in below-freezing temperatures and the nickel-plated brass couplings are corrosion-resistant and crush-proof.

These 50-foot hoses are made in the U.S. and will fit any 5/8-inch water faucet. Connect up to 10 Dramm soaker hoses together for longer runs to reach all your plans. We guarantee the lowest price and offer total product support by phone or email.

Dramm Soaker House Features:

  • 50 feet long
  • 5/8-inch diameter
  • Designed for even, efficient watering
  • Nickel-plated brass couplings
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty

Dramm Soaker Hose Directions:

Connect the Dramm ColorStorm Premium Soaker Hose to an outdoor faucet or garden hose. Turn faucet 1/4 turn (10 - 30 psi). The amount of water released depends on the length of hose used, amount of time left on, water pressure, and soil type. May be used above or under ground. If used above ground, cover hose with mulch or rock to minimize evaporation. For use below ground, bury 2" - 6" below surface. The Dramm Soaker Hose will not burst if frozen.

The Dramm Soaker Hose is recommended for runs up to 500 ft. Longer runs may contribute to uneven water dispersal.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Linda Luettjohann (Cedar Rapids, US)
Great product

Didn't need the soaker hose until this week- works great and my plants are getting an even amount of water from the beginning of the hose to the end.

LuLu (Cedar City, US)

Dramm soaker hoses are fabulous. They are much stronger than previous ones purchased. No leaks, continuous flow through two connected 50’ soaker hoses.
I covered them with a couple inches of shredded bark mulch to keep moisture in.

Lorinda Gayl (Warrenton, US)

Great quality soaker hoses. You can't go wrong purchasing any product produced by Dramm.

Pamiam (Holland, US)
Soaker hose

Works great

Martin Carty (Dallas, US)

Hoses are performing just as we hoped, saving us time and energy each week and allowing the vegetable plants to thrive.

Legacy Review
It works, but don't hook other soakers

I love these hoses! I've purchased 9 of them. They work great when hooked to each other. But if you hook other soaker hoses, those hoses won't work.

Legacy Review
Defective on first use

First use of this hose and it leaks at the brass connection so is not usable as all the water runs our before it hits the soaker part. If you buy this test before you unroll and install. Dramm will replace in a month - of course now it is hot and dry and when I need the hose. I think it is better to buy the cheap ones and just plan to replace - think it is less expensive in the end.

Deanne S.
Dramm soaker hose

This hose really does soak ground, only wish I had placed it sooner, its on a timer for 60 mins and I'm watering every 3 days

John Baker
Dramm soaker hose

Excellent product that works as advertised. I hooked 300 ft of hose together; even flow every where.

Legacy Review
Super Soaker

Simply the best soaker hose I have used in 25 years of home ownership.Works as advertised. Resists weather causing failures from year to year. Only brand I would buy in the future.