Fertroller System

Fertroller System


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The Fertroller allows for automatic control of the EC (electrical conductivity) and pH (potential Hydrogen) of the hydroponic nutrient solution in recirculating the NFT System. This automated control helps maintain consistent solutions, prevents possibly harmful variations, and in turn can lead to higher yields and overall higher crop quality.

The BlueLab Dostronic controller is designed specifically for greenhouse hydroponic growing systems and is mounted to a steel stand and wired for 120 volt power. The Fertroller features a pre-mounted two head pump that delivers A and B nutrient concentrates. An additional one head pump controls pH through the delivery of acid or base solutions.

The Fertroller will provide continuous control of EC and pH of the nutrient solution by adding nutrient and/or pH control solutions as needed. Easily adjustable set points and dosing cycles (on/off times) are displayed along with your desired targets on large (1/2") digital readouts. The Fertroller also has user adjustable alarm triggers that can be integrated with your greenhouse alarm system. The Fertroller has a preset safety lockout feature to prevent dosing if EC, pH and/or solution flow is out of range. The EC control measurement range is 0.0 – 9.9 mS/cm with a control range of 0.2 – 9.8 mS/cm. Resolution is 0.1 EC with accuracy of ±3%. The pH control measurement range is 4.0 – 7.2 pH with a control range of 5.0 – 7.2 pH. Resolution is 0.1 pH unit with accuracy of ±0.1 pH unit. The pH and EC probes can be calibrated using pH and conductivity standard solutions.

The controller and EC probe have a two-year warranty while the pH probe has a six-month warranty. Other components have a manufacturer's warranty.

Note: Nutrient Concentrate Tanks must be purchased separately.

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