Ground Cover Anchoring Pins

Ground Cover Anchoring Pins


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DeWitt Anchor Pins properly secure and anchor landscape fabrics, ground coverings and drip irrigation tubing. These special steel pins are angled at their ends for faster and easier installation. Use Anchor Pins to permanently and professionally anchor all of our fabrics.

6" x 1" x 6" - 11 gauge metal pins used to anchor ground cover material.

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Customer Reviews

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Prairie Sky (Kansas City, US)
Good quality and handy

A must for landscape fabric installation and handy for pinning landscape lighting wire and drip irrigation pipe. I always keep these on hand.

Jim (Dahlgren, US)
Very durable and easy to use

Great product

D.D. (Willow Springs, US)
The Old Reliable

Same product I have used for years as I go through quite a bit of De Witt professional landscape fabric. As always, the best on the market and worth the higher price. Nothing special about my order. I simply ran out and needed more.

Suzie Bell (Oklahoma City, US)
Strong and durable

Love these pins. They are tough and look to be lasting

Chris Musello (Albuquerque, US)
These are the real deal

These pins are very stout and long. Very useful.
I also want to make the point that I had some problems with my order and these folks did a great job resolving the problem fairly. I would not hesitate to buy here again.

Edward Fritz (Bartlett, US)
Best anchor staples out there

Not cheap quality like home depot or lowes. Only wish they were rust proof/resistant.

Sheila Polley (Baltimore, US)

Very sturdy

Legacy Review
Strong pins

They are longer and stronger that regular pins sold at home centers. Work great

Legacy Review
Temporary pins

I thought ground pins would have some electroplated zinc. None. These steel pins will only last a season in most soil as rust eats up the steel pins.

Legacy Review
Worthless in Heavy Soils

I suppose these anchoring pins would be able to go into soft loamy soil but my soil has a lot of clay and is hard so the pins bent rather than go into the soil. They are a total loss.