Modine Vertical Electric Heater 40kW

Modine Vertical Electric Heater 40kW


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Model VE400 Vertical Delivery Heaters: These units are generally installed in areas where ceilings are high and where obstructions do not permit good horizontal movement of air. Vertical units heaters should be oriented so that the heat spread from one overlaps the heat spread of another unit heater.

Standard Features

Low Installation Cost
Terminal blocks are supplied to facilitate connection of power supply and control wiring. Heaters are lightweight and usually require no special reinforcement to suspend them. Easy to install - just hang the heater, connect to power supply, controls and thermostat and it is ready to operate.

Heating elements are resistant to thermal shock and vibration for a long, trouble-free life.

Application Flexibility
Equipped with adjustable horizontally positioned air deflector blades (HER units) to allow complete control over the air discharged by the unit.

Quiet Operation
Fans are accurately balanced to move air quietly. Motors mounted to fan guards utilize rubber vibration absorbing material for quieter operation.

Low Maintenance
Motors are totally enclosed, permanently lubricated, and thermally protected. Electrical contactors, fuses and transformers are all safety enclosed in control compartments.

Easy to Service
Fan and motor are exposed for easy removal without lowering the unit heater. Hinged bottom panel permits full access to controls.

Dimensions and Diagrams

Dimensions, Diagrams, and Specifications (PDF)
Modine Greenhouse Heating Solutions (PDF)
Wiring Diagram (PDF)
Installation and Service Manual (PDF)

Performance Specifications

Item NO. KW BTUH Heat Throw Electrical Data
Volts/Total Amps
VE50 Vertical 5.0 17,100 20' spread 208v 1 phase / 24.5 amps
240v 1 phase / 21.3 amps
208v 3 phase / 14.3 amps
240v 3 phase / 12.5 amps
480v 3 phase / 6.5 amps
VE75 Vertical 7.5 25,600 17' spread 208v 1 phase / 36.5 amps
240v 1 phase / 31.7 amps
208v 3 phase / 21.3 amps
240v 3 phase / 18.5 amps
480v 3 phase / 9.5 amps
VE100 Vertical 10.0 34,100 18' spread 208v 1 phase / 49.4 amps
240v 1 phase / 42.9 amps
208v 3 phase / 29.0 amps
240v 3 phase / 25.3 amps
480v 3 phase / 13.3 amps
VE150 Vertical 15.0 51,200 26' spread 208v 3 phase / 42.9 amps
240v 3 phase / 37.4 amps
480v 3 phase / 19.3 amps
VE200 Vertical 20.0 68,300 30' spread 208v 3 phase / 56.8 amps
240v 3 phase / 49.4 amps
480v 3 phase / 25.3 amps
VE250 Vertical 25.0 85,400 26' spread 208v 3 phase / 70.7 amps
240v 3 phase / 61.4 amps
480v 3 phase / 31.4 amps
VE300 Vertical 30.0 102,222 31' spread 480v 3 phase / 37.6 amps 122
VE400 Vertical 40.0 137,000 27' spread 480v 3 phase / 49.6 amps 125
VE500 Vertical 50.0 171,000 24' spread 480v 3 phase / 61.5 amps 129

Heater Warranty and Return Policy

It is the customer's responsibility to carefully inspect heaters for damage before accepting delivery since heaters are usually not returnable once delivery is accepted. Obviously damaged heaters should be refused and Greenhouse Megastore customer service contacted to make arrangements for a replacement unit. Once delivery is accepted Greenhouse Megastore will gladly provide replacement parts under the manufacturer's warranty to repair damaged or defective heaters; however this warranty does not include any labor costs associated with installing these parts. Warranty issues should be diagnosed by a certified HVAC technician since parts deemed not to be defective by the manufacturer are not available for credit back to the customer. Specific warranty policies vary by manufacturer but typically cover replacement parts as indicated above up to one year after purchase. Please contact Greenhouse Megastore customer service if you have any questions about the warranty for your specific heater.


This item ships via Motor Freight Carrier - almost anywhere in the Contiguous United States

Motor Freight Requirements

  • The shipment must be delivered to a business or residence (a PO Box is invalid)
  • The delivery address must be able to accommodate a tractor/trailer as much as 70' in length
  • Someone must be present to receive and unload the shipment from the truck
  • Shipments and/or locations requiring a lift gate, inside delivery, and/or with limited access may incur additional charges by the carrier

Please contact Greenhouse Megastore Customer Service at 1-888-281-9337 if you have any questions about delivery to your specific address so we can ensure the smoothest delivery possible!

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