Netafim™ White Polyethylene Tubing
Netafim™ White Polyethylene Tubing

Netafim™ White Polyethylene Tubing


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With excellent Ultra-Violet (UV) resistance, our reflective white tubing is completely opaque to prevent algae growth and is able to withstand heat and harsh chemicals. This tubing is solid white for long-term durability withstanding heat, direct sun and harsh chemicals while producing cooler water temperatures for enhanced plant growth.

Features & Benefits

  • Speeds Installation of Drip Irrigation System
  • Allows for fast connections and easy layouts.
  • UV Resistant Withstands heat, direct sun and harsh environments.
  • Manufactured under stringent quality controls assures highest quality as every coil undergoes over 30 quality checks.
  • Made with the finest low density polyethylene resin


  • For use with point source drip emitters, micro-spray or micro-sprinklers for irrigating ground cover, trees and shrub beds
  • Provides flexible and durable header or transition to dripline
  • For on-surface or subsurface installations
  • Positions on-line emission devices in hard to reach places


Tubing Size Coil Length Inside Diameter Outside Diameter
16mm 100' .52" .62"
16mm 1000' .52" .62"
3/4" 100' .82" .94"
5mm 1000' 3mm 5mm

Additional Information

Greenhouse Irrigation System Design Basics (Image)

More Information on Poly Tubing (PDF)

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Chad Rodrigue
Great Product

Used this for my blueberry Farm. Excellent product with no problems after several years. Easily unravels from roll with a little patience. Getting ready to buy another roll. Thanks for a great product!