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Whether you're a veteran or beginner, Greenhouse Megastore has the right hobby greenhouse kit for you. Hobby Greenhouses are smaller, more affordable, and easier to put together than commercial or retail greenhouses. They're a great way for hobbyists to enjoy a small greenhouse in their backyard.

Also, Greenhouse Megastore offers a wide selection of portable greenhouses too. Portable greenhouses offer a temporary structure to protect your plants from seasonal harsh weather conditions.

These small greenhouses offer extremely easy installation. Available in various sizes, get a mini greenhouse or a large portable greenhouse today.

Hobby greenhouse kits and portable greenhouses come standard with free shipping and expert technical advice, so browse our selection of Hobby Greenhouses and get the one that's right for you.

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Item No. HG-FHSP
Springhouse Clear
Item No. HG-FHSP-C
$749.00 $649.00
Riga Deluxe Greenhouse
Item No. HG-RG-DLX
$4,795.00 View details
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Springhouse Clear
Item No. HG-FHSP-C
Item No. HG-FHSP
Item No. HG-FHSH
Snap & Grow Plus
Item No. HG-SNG-08
From:  $1,099.00 View details
Solexx Gardener's Oasis
Item No. HG-SLGO
From:  $2,286.00 View details
Solexx Garden Master
Item No. HG-SLGM
From:  $2,622.00 View details
From:  $649.00 View details
Patio Gardenhouse
Item No. HG-SGP
Lean-to Gardenhouse
Item No. HG-SGLT-48
From:  $2,640.00 View details
From:  $1,924.00 View details
Mini Sunshine Gardenhouse
Item No. HG-SG4-406
From:  $1,699.00 View details
Rion Hobby Gardener 2
Item No. HG-RI-40
From:  $3,199.00 View details
Rhino Premium Greenhouse
Item No. HG-RH-08
From:  $4,495.00 View details
Riga XL Greenhouse
Item No. HG-RG-XL
From:  $10,250.00 View details
Riga Grand Greenhouse
Item No. HG-RG-GRD
From:  $5,695.00 View details
Riga Deluxe Greenhouse
Item No. HG-RG-DLX
From:  $4,795.00 View details
Riga Garden Greenhouse
Item No. HG-RG-CLX
From:  $3,750.00 View details