Deepot Tree Pots Tray

Deepot Tree Pots Tray


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The Deepot Tree Pots Tray is equipped with 3/4" x approximately 12" PVC legs, capable of accommodating 25 tree pots. This tray serves as a sturdy support for most 2.7-inch Deepot cells.

The specially designed tray allows seedlings to be spread out or consolidated, giving you control over sorting and growing density.

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Customer Reviews

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Ron White
Deepot Tree Pots Tray

Like others have said, flimsy, don't try to move when pots are full (too heavy for stand). All these I can deal with but the lack of UV resistance they just crack and fall apart. Good for single season use then plan on replacing if you get them.

Todd Kelley
Not worth it

Save yourself some time and money and use 5 gallon buckets for your tree tubes instead. I can get 13 of the 10" tubes in a bucket and by drilling a hole 3" from the bottom it doubles as a watering 'tray'.

Legacy Review
Nice pot, terrible tray

I have had great success with the Deepot Pots but the trays are way too flimsy to hold 25 pots filled with soil. They sag and crack. Carrying them is super awkward as you are holding onto the tray by your finger tips, the tray will bend and crack if not held just right. I always order extra trays to replace the ones that will break. Deepot can do a better job and I would be willing to the extra cost.

Legacy Review
Perfect for my needs but I have reservations

I used these trays with the deep pots last year and over the winter. You can get a lot of plants in a small space with these trays. They are stable with a full load while sitting on the bench. One problem that is easy to solve is the legs tend to get plugs of dirt in them so I had to put PVC caps on them. Of more concern is they are a bit floppy when moving. None have broken yet but it seems inevitable. Just be careful and they should last. Hopefully. I will still purchase replacements as the pots and trays together are exactly what I need.

Legacy Review
short lived in the sun

Initially great, but after a summer in partial sun in California, the black plastic cracked, making it impossible to move unless the pots were removed first. Eventually, the tray cracked apart and was unable to stand. I would like to be notified if there were sturdier more UV tolerant tree pot trays to order.

Legacy Review
deepots tray

you need to take pots out of the tray if you are going to move them,,, no problems. School kids using them too! (Appalachian Chestnut Initiative Inc.)

Chris DeRhodes
Too flimsy

I've been using three of these all season. All have cracked and broken when I've had to move the rack. Tree cones are very heavy when full of moist soil and this rack just easily bends and breaks when moved. I have to pull half the cones out before moving now, it's pretty annoying.

Legacy Review

very economical and handy