SUNPACK® Thermostat for Seedling Mat
SUNPACK® Thermostat for Seedling Mat
SUNPACK® Thermostat for Seedling Mat
SUNPACK® Thermostat for Seedling Mat
SUNPACK® Thermostat for Seedling Mat

SUNPACK® Thermostat for Seedling Mat


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This Thermostat for Seedling Mat allows growers to select and maintain optimal temperatures when germinating seeds or rooting cuttings for fastest growth. In addition to its horticultural uses, it is also a great tool for homebrewing (maintenance of optimal fermentation temperature) and environmental control in reptile terrariums. This UL-listed digital thermostat provides constant, uniform temperature control for germination, propagation and fermentation environments between 68°F-108°F (20°C-42°C). Will control up to 1000 watts of propagating mats. Works with the Seedling Propagation Mat (SUNPAD Lite Heat Mat) or most other 120V mats.

  • Temperature Display Range: 32°F-140°F
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit display
  • Includes temperature probe with 6' cord with 3-prong ground plug
  • Simple push-button operation with LED indicator lights
  • 120 Volts / 8.3 Amps / 60 Hz
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy plug-in operation

Additional Information

SUNPACK® Heat Mat Temperature Controller Instructions (PDF)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Robin Burris (Wetumpka, US)
Was sold to a customer

Have not heard back from my customer. so I guess it works.

Doug Ceraldi (Hamilton, US)
Temp control

Helps control even temperatures for propagating and growing seedlings , on multiple mats.

Nicholas Hillyer (Estell Manor, US)
Easy to set in F or C

Holds temperatures well

Joseph Early
Great product!

Does pretty much what you would expect and does it well. My only complaint is that the heat mat plug (same brand) doesn't really like to stay in the socket, so it gets bumped out really easily. Because of the design of the product it's not easy to zip tie it together to hold the plug in.

Seth B Morgan (Springfield, US)
works as described

First year starting from seed and used this for the heating mat under the tray germinating my tomato and pepper seedlings. It worked as described and the setup was straightforward.

Kathy Cox
Worked fine

As others stated the plug in was loose. Still worked well enough. We spread the prongs on the plug a bit to get a tighter fit.

Legacy Review
Loose Outlet

I finally dug deep and bought a real seedling heat pad and controller. Unfortunately, the model I bought had a loose outlet, which is a serious fire danger. It also had one LED in the display blink out after a week or so. It did work, but I never trust a loose outlet. GMS was good enough to send me a new controller, which unfortunately also had a loose outlet, so they refunded my money. GMS has always given great service; I have no beef with them and will continue to use their great website, but I will have to find another controller elsewhere.

Legacy Review
Poor Quality

It seems to work OK. One of the LEDs on the display quit working after a few days. Worst of all, the socket that the heat mat plugs in to is loose. It draws 8 amps, so a loose socket is dangerous. I frankly don't trust the UL certification mark, as the Chinese have learned to put false UL or Intertek mark on electrical products. Returned for different brand.


I have beed using it for 2 weeks, seems to work well

Legacy Review
Love It

First time to use a heating mat as i never thought it would make a difference, but I was wrong. The night time temps were to cold for this time of year and seeds were not germinating, so i broke down and ordered a mat. I am so happy I did. I replanted seeds and put on the mat and had great results with germination