Engineered Greenhouses

Engineered Greenhouses

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      Commercial Greenhouse Structures

      When you're doing a lot of growing, you need a premium greenhouse engineered to provide the right year-round environment. Greenhouse Megastore has a large assortment of commercial greenhouse kits - many of which can be customized based on your unique needs. We have more than 30 years helping businesses and organizations that are looking to buy their first greenhouse or replace an older structure.

      Find the Right Industrial Greenhouse

      There are many sizes and styles of commercial greenhouses for sale. They range from engineered backyard greenhouses for farmstand owners and passionate hobby growers to greenhouses up to 72 feet long, giving large businesses plenty of space. Get a traditional commercial glasshouse or modern polycarbonate greenhouses. Schools will love our teaching package greenhouses with built-in headhouses and other features. Everything is included to get you started such as doors, ventilation systems and heaters.

      Expert Support for Growers

      Greenhouse Megastore is always happy to assist you in choosing the right commercial greenhouse. But our support doesn't end there. At any time, you can request layout plans with different ways to set up the equipment, HVAC, electronics and plumbing. We'll provide DIY assembly advice, connect you with a local contractor or send a construction team to do the work. We also can train workers, educators and students to use the greenhouse so they get up to speed faster.

      This project management is part of why Greenhouse Megastore has been trusted by thousands of organizations. Call us Monday through Friday at (888) 281-9337 to talk about your commercial greenhouse project.