Low Tunnels & Cold Frames

Low Tunnels & Cold Frames

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      Plant Low Tunnels and Cold Frames

      Give small plant beds the protection they need from Mother Nature with our low tunnel and cold frame kits. These structures let you extend the growing season by providing needed insulation. You can also use them in the summer to keep pests away or give cool-weather plants some shade.

      DIY Enclosed Garden Beds

      Both cold frames and low tunnels are simple, affordable solutions for hobby growers. The classic garden cold frame consists of a box frame and a clear lid that retains heat while letting in needed light. They can be placed almost anywhere, including on a patio or deck. We also have raised bed cold frames that give you easy access and double as an architectural feature.

      Low tunnel kits are a budget-friendly way to give plants weather protection. Think of them as a miniature version of a hoop house. They come with 3-mil poly film, and it's easy to switch out coverings based on the season - you can use shade cloth in the summer or a heavier film in northern growing areas. A low tunnel garden is more portable than a cold frame, though it's limited to ground-based or container growing.

      Grow More of Your Favorite Plants

      Whichever structure you prefer, you'll get a high-quality backyard growing solution from Greenhouse Megastore. We work with trusted manufacturers such as BioStar and Kombi to provide durable, efficient growing options that are backed by generous warranties depending on the construction. Contact us if you need a quote on a custom low tunnel or cold frame.