Low Tunnel Kit
Low Tunnel Kit
Low Tunnel Kit

Low Tunnel Kit


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Greenhouse Megastore's custom designed Low Tunnel Kit has arrived!

Wishing you were still getting production from your garden even though its cold outside? Do summer pests terrorize your crops every year? Need a little shade for your cool weather crops during the heat of summer?

Our innovative and versatile Low Tunnel Kit addresses all these problems and more! This custom designed tunnel may sound like a dream, but with over 70 sq. ft. of growing space at your fingertips, its as real as can be! The easy-to-install Low Tunnel Kit offers cool weather protection from early and late season cold snaps, ensuring your cold tolerant plants can thrive. Durable 3mil Overwintering Film protects your plants just like a greenhouse!

Additional coverings can be purchased separately and will easily install over the framing in a flash! With the addition of insect netting, the Low Tunnel Kit can protect your zucchini, potatoes, cabbages, and other pest sensitive crops. Try shade cloth to grow heat sensitive plants like lettuce and spinach during stretches of the summer where it would otherwise be too hot. With the right coverings, the Low Tunnel Kit becomes an all-in-one 3 season garden structure! Plus, the Economical Low Tunnel is fully portable too; it doesn't get much better than that in the garden!

The Low Tunnel Kit's total growing area measures 20.25'L x 3.5'W x 46"H.

Low Tunnel Kit Includes:

  • Four (4) 19mm diameter galvanized tubular steel hoops
  • Anchors for each leg
  • Side purlins
  • 3mil Overwintering Film - (image shown with optional insect netting)
  • (24) 4" x 1/2" Snap Clamps for covering installation over hoops

Additional Information

Low Tunnel Kit Assembly Instructions (PDF)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lisa Montrose (Denver, US)
English Low Tunnel ~ I bought 3!

These hoop houses/low tunnels are so well designed, and perfectly made, they are so easy to install and use. I'm 70 years old, and I put them up in my garden with no problem at all. They support shade cloth and anti-hail netting with no problem, and they come with a long roll of clear plastic which I will use when the weather turns cold. I'm so impressed with these and I heartily recommend them!

Anonymous (Howell Township, US)
Great low tunnel - easy to assemble

Purchased these to get a jump on the season in NJ. Very easy to assemble. Wish there were an extra set of purlins per section to keep the winter cover from sagging (so you have a purlin at left, right and top of the curve). We ended up stealing a few from unused sections to take care of it, otherwise snow and rain would accumulate at the top of the tunnel. Otherwise, great design and we are looking forward to using it during the summer to shade plants on scorching days.

Legacy Review
Highly recommend

I've purchased several of these for my vege beds, and they are exceptionally well-built and easy to use. Know they are flexible, yet somewhat set, in that you can space the hoops in roughly 7' sectionstechnically, the horizontal support bars are each just under 7'. So, you could construct a covered bed in multiples of 7', going as large as 14' or almost 21' in total length. My standard configuration uses 3 hoops with the horizontal bars spanning them, for a 14' bed. (Over this I can nearly fit a 20' x 12' piece of enviromeshanother great product!but note, it's a tad short on one end, so I use clothespins to secure and drape the ends together.) When installing the hoops, take care in measuring and placing the bottom anchors for the hoops. The anchors must be situated to accommodate BOTH the span of the hoops (about 3.5') and the length of the horizontal supports (about 7'). Test and double check that everything can connect before permanently pounding them in. It's great at last to have such solid supports for my growing beds!