Propagation Trays
Propagation Trays
Propagation Trays
Propagation Trays
Propagation Trays

Propagation Trays


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Propagation Sheets provide extra depth for increased soil volume, allowing for a more mature plant and longer shelf life. Propagation Sheets are designed to de-nest easily, saving you time and effort! These are the most economical inserts for growers who do not use plug extractors or transplanters. Used in conjunction with 1020 Trays.

  • The original form of independent plug production to be embraced by the industry
  • Compatible with most flat filling and dispensing equipment
  • Community watering channels for healthy plant development
  • Uniform burned holes for consistent drainage


Description Depth Top Diameter Bottom Diameter Capacity Cu. In. Cell Capacity Cu. In. Tray
38 round cells per sheet 2.31 2.25 1.5 7.2 273.6
50 round cells per sheet 2.31 1.88 1.13 4.34 217
72 round cells per sheet 2.31 1.5 0.84 2.68 193
98 round cells per sheet 1.5 1.38 0.9 1.6 156.8

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Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Very happy customer

Last year's trays from a local grow store are cracked and 75% of the holes are unusable. Very thin plastic and I kind of expected 1 season.

When these trays arrived, I was impressed with the weight of the box. My 11 year old had a hard time getting it in the back of my truck. I thought he was messing around with the struggle he was having. When I grabbed the box to open it, I thought they had put my 100 seed trays and the other trays they sit in to carry them in the same box. Nope, my wife carried the other case to me cause he "couldn't lift them".

I have now started my second set of seeds in half of them. These trays are impressively sturdy. They are easy to transfer through the stages in my greenhouse and I don't feel like they will fold if I move too quickly. The seed trays after I transplanted the first set had no indication of being used. You know, the pod gets a krinkle in it sometimes when you are trying to get them out.

I can tell these will easily last 8-12 seasons of continuous use if not much longer. And being less than half the price of the other ones is just icing on the cake. Thank you Greenhouse Megastore for cutting my startup costs and extending the timeline of my initial investment expectations. Win/win and I will be purchasing more from you with confidence.

Diane Decker-Ihle (Snohomish, US)
Good quality but did not fit into the 1020 trays

These should last for years; we ordered both the 98 cell propagation and some plug flats. But neither sit into the 1020 trays. The trays are 2.44” tall
So the edges hang on the side of the trays. We are switching to shallow trays (Garland Giant trays)

Douglas Miller (Overland Park, US)
Good product

Good product for the price

Amy (Norfolk, US)
Good quality

I bought these for herb and veggie starts next Spring since my cheapies from Walmart are wearing out. These feel sturdy enough to last me as long as I'm able.

G.H. (Roanoke, US)
Th 72-well inserts are sturdy and well-made.

I purchased both the 98- and the 72-well inserts for germinating many hundreds of native pollinator plant seeds, which I had to keep under specific conditions (those plants can be really picky!); this review is for the 72-well inserts.

They're sturdier than what I can get at my local greenhouse or big box home improvement store, and I expect I will get several more seasons out of them. They sit flat in the trays, with the foot of each well able to access water from the tray if you choose to bottom-water (recommended). So far they seem to not be quickly sun-damaged, and they've handled the constant warmth of grow lights with no problems. I'll be purchasing more.

G.H. (Roanoke, US)
The 98-well inserts don't work with the Mega Heavy Duty 1020 trays, but they're well-produced.

I purchased both the 72- and the 98-well inserts for my native pollinator starting this year, as I had many hundreds of seeds that I needed to germinate. This review is for the 92-well inserts, which sag badly in the middle and bow up at the edges, meaning that the edges dry out while the center of the tray is so soggy that seeds rot. I ended up cutting the edges off of several of them in an attempt to get them to fit the 1020 trays better, but they remain all in all not a great purchase. They might work better with a less heavy-duty tray, but they don't work with the Mega Heavies.

Anonymous (Fond du Lac, US)
Work great

Would buy again!

J. (St Louis, US)
Quality item

Received in great shape.
Used for starting plants early.
I would buy these again.

Carol - LambFarm Horses, NC (Morganton, US)

Pretty durable! I use with the 1020 trays with holes and without. Excellent. I’m hoping I can get several years outta these guys

Ronald Wallace (Edwardsville, US)
Good Quality

I work at a commercial greenhouse. These are the same quality as the ones that we use commercially year after year. In fact, I bought some home from work. I couldn't tell the difference between the one's used commercially and the one's purchased from greenhouse mega store.