Garland Titan Garden Tray

Garland Titan Garden Tray


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Boasting an exceptional depth of 5.91" and an internal capacity of 65 liters (about 17.2 gallons), the Titan Tray is ideal for greenhouse users but has countless other applications. A series of shallow horizontal ridges on the internal base of the tray aid in drainage. Made from recycled polypropylene.

These trays also make excellent containers for growing wheatgrass as well as various other kinds of fodder and seed.

Garland Titan Garden Tray Features:

  • Exceptional Depth: Features a depth of 5.91 inches, offering ample space for diverse gardening needs.
  • Large Capacity: With a substantial internal capacity of 65 liters (about 17.2 gallons), it accommodates significant volumes of soil or water.
  • Enhanced Drainage: Internal base designed with shallow horizontal ridges to aid in efficient drainage.
  • Recycled Material: Crafted from recycled polypropylene, supporting sustainability while maintaining sturdiness and functionality.
  • Multi-Purpose Utility: Use as an excellent container for cultivating wheatgrass, assorted fodder, and a variety of seeds, adding versatility to its functionality.
  • Dimensions: 39.5 in. L x 21.5 in. W x 6 in. H

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Lynnae Boudreau (Blairsville, US)
Really strong

I need heavy duty equipment for a small farm operation. This works well. I've dropped it, filled it, cleaned it out, and left it outside for a while. It remains tough.

Cyn O (Iron Mountain, US)
I love these trays

These trays are heavy duty and will stand up to quite a lot of abuse. I use them as “swimming” pools for my ducks year round. They survive summer heat and winter subzero temperatures. Even teenagers who slam them around with every water change. These have lasted longer than anything else we have tried except for a sheep foot bath that was just too big and got too heavy when filled with water.

b.k. (Wautoma, US)
Very useful

I added this item to my cart to get my total to the $100 free shipping. I would have paid $35 for my items including shipping, so adding a 5-pack of these was only $65 due to a sale and the saved shipping costs. I continue to find uses for them. 2 of them actually fit flat in the trunk of my car. I've used them to haul compost dug up from the woods, filled with ~100 pounds of material. They were strong enough to move from my trunk to a wheelbarrow without breaking, but I wasn't going to attempt carrying them too far of a distance with that weight.

Legacy Review
Large, heavy duty

I only just got this, but it works perfectly for holding 3x6 rows of gallon peppers/tomatoes under my grow lights which is what I wanted it for! Nice lips on the edge for lifting, can't speak to it's longevity but it seems like it will last a loooong time.

Legacy Review
Works great

As advertised, heavy duty.

Legacy Review
I'm in love.

These trays are amazing. Maybe I've been living under a rock or something but these trays absolutely made my day. Better than jewelry, shoes, might actually be up there with coffee. I could just feel my husband's eyes roll at me gasping as I slid five of these beautiful trays out of the box. Yes, I'm in love.

Legacy Review

Very disappointed. The inside bottom of the tray was 2 to 3 inches smaller than the measurements listed on your site.

Legacy Review
Top quality product

The size and durable construction of the product made it perfect for the intended application as a large capacity spill tray. Coupled with a spill alarm, this product provides the level of protection needed for home use.

Legacy Review
Great but check interior measurements

Heavy duty high quality material used to construct the trays. However, the specs they give you are for the exterior not interior. My planter was slightly too big and I had to force it into the tray.

Legacy Review
handy but sag a bit

The price on these trays is good, but they sag a bit under the weight of large, full cones. Using them for shrub propagation.