Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts

Traditional Inserts


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Traditional Series inserts for use with 1020 Trays or 1020 Daisy Trays. Available in a variety of configurations to meet different handling, labeling, and space requirements. Inserts are engineered for easy de-nesting. 10.42" x 20.85" inserts.

Each insert fits one 1020 Tray.


# Cells per pack Packs per insert Total cells Diagram Cell Length x Width x Depth Max Dry Volume (cu. in.) Max Liquid Volume (U.S.)
606 6 6 36 2.35" x 1.94" x 2.23" 42.42 1.47 (pt)
801 1 8 8 4.86" x 4.86" x 2.27" 45.65 1.58 (pt)
804 4 8 32 2.40" x 2.40" x 2.23" 35.52 1.23 (pt)
806 6 8 48 2.38" x 1.50" x 2.25" 37.68 1.30 (pt)
1203 3 12 36 1.50" x 3.38" x 2.27" 22.27 12.34 (fl.oz.)
1204 4 12 48 2.38" x 1.50" x 2.26" 23.48 13.00 (fl. oz.)
1206 6 12 72 1.50" x 1.50" x 2.23" 21.36 11.82 (fl. oz.)
1801 1 18 18 3.11" x 3.11" x 2.25" 17.70 9.80 (fl. oz.)
1804 4 18 72 1.55" x 1.55" x 2.27" 13.60 7.54 (fl. oz.)
2401 1 24 24 3.00" x 2.19" x 2.25" 12.50 6.93 (fl. oz.)
3601 1 36 36 1.94" x 2.23" x 2.23" 7.23 4.05 (fl oz.)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Excellent Product

I feel like a professional!

Just what I needed

Good product for my needs, great price and quality. Going to need more.

R. Sanders
Works fo us!

These inserts work well for our production needs as a single use insert. No complaints.

Awesome tray inserts!

Good price, good quality!

Joseph DiNardo
Money Saver and Works Just Fine

Loved them, just what I needed I was using the 3in pots but nobody would bring the pots back for me to use them over and it got quite expensive having to replace the pots every year (500 to 750 pots) I found that these were less expensive and will work for the plants that I give away to my neighbors and friends.

Paul Theiss

The price was right, the shipping fast, and the product was exactly what I needed. Even better, the picture and the description were accurate! I will definitely be shopping here again. I have already been able to bump up 100’s of seedlings, and they are looking great, ready for garden.

mitchell stuve
806 is a good time for a cup of coffee

and its the best sized insert for me. as a landscaper i have planted from 896's for 30 years, and they beat larger and smaller sizes. a planting pick is the same width and these plant so fast. it economizes on soil and still provides a good sized plant to go directly in the garden. 806's accept all the plug sizes i use from 36 to 128 and 200's. i have purchased 300 sheets here and they have been planted twice per year for 3 years and are still going. i can count the failures on one hand so far, and thats usually rough handling on my part. they have held up thru brutal california sun.

Legacy Review
Flimsy Inserts

Found this product to be very flimsy and easily ripped. Worked best for me by cutting the trays into smaller units prior to using. Does the job (barely) but must handle with care. I would opt to buy a thicker mil product on my next order, especially if I intend to use for more than one season. As far as the seller, no complaints. Great experience. Thank you!

Legacy Review
Thinner trays

These trays are somewhat thinner than I am used to. I have a good number of them in use so I will soon know how they work out.

Legacy Review
use these every year

We are hobby gardeners, and start our plants from seed. These are easy to fill and handle.

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