Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts
Traditional Inserts

Traditional Inserts


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Traditional Series inserts for use with 1020 Trays or 1020 Daisy Trays. Available in a variety of configurations to meet different handling, labeling, and space requirements. Inserts are engineered for easy de-nesting. 10.42" x 20.85" inserts.

Each insert fits one 1020 Tray.


# Cells per pack Packs per insert Total cells Diagram Cell Length x Width x Depth Max Dry Volume (cu. in.) Max Liquid Volume (U.S.)
606 6 6 36 2.35" x 1.94" x 2.23" 42.42 1.47 (pt)
801 1 8 8 4.86" x 4.86" x 2.27" 45.65 1.58 (pt)
804 4 8 32 2.40" x 2.40" x 2.23" 35.52 1.23 (pt)
806 6 8 48 2.38" x 1.50" x 2.25" 37.68 1.30 (pt)
1203 3 12 36 1.50" x 3.38" x 2.27" 22.27 12.34 (fl.oz.)
1204 4 12 48 2.38" x 1.50" x 2.26" 23.48 13.00 (fl. oz.)
1206 6 12 72 1.50" x 1.50" x 2.23" 21.36 11.82 (fl. oz.)
1801 1 18 18 3.11" x 3.11" x 2.25" 17.70 9.80 (fl. oz.)
1804 4 18 72 1.55" x 1.55" x 2.27" 13.60 7.54 (fl. oz.)
2401 1 24 24 3.00" x 2.19" x 2.25" 12.50 6.93 (fl. oz.)
3601 1 36 36 1.94" x 2.23" x 2.23" 7.23 4.05 (fl oz.)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 156 reviews
Benjamin Scheuer (Maumee, US)
It works

I like that they are holding up to the job that they are made for.

Dennis Souza (Boynton Beach, US)
Engineering Flaw

Biggest complaint would be the pre cut perforations on these inlays. These inlays arrive stacked in pairs then stacked together. The inlays are perforated to the point of being unable by any means to separate the whole trays from themselves.
Once plantings have started and ready for separation would be fine, but trying to fill trays of inlays at 3,4,5 or 6 at a time when hundreds need to be done is ridiculous. The separated inlays weakens the overall stability of the trays whilst the separated inlays gravitate to falling over with watering and handling.

Tom J (Dingmans Ferry, US)
Great service.

Thanks again for the trays and inserts. Allowing me to expand my veggies and hummingbird garden.

mike (Chicago, US)
top of the line

very durable, just what I needed. best price and fastest shipping. will buy more next year

Erin Lenardson (Chicago, US)
First time buying


Daniel Stine (Memphis, US)

I buy these inserts because they fit the trays, they come in a variety of sizes, and they hold up well through multiple uses. If you are looking for decorative planting options, this is NOT it. But they are functional. I love that the traditional six-pack is offered instead of the idiotic space-wasters from Jiffy at the big box stores.

Anthony Balzano (Boston, US)

My order came complete and on time

Karla D (Sparta, US)
Good product and quick shipping

I have a small garden and enjoy starting my own plants. I have found it difficult to purchase inserts in small quantities in the size I want. The Greenhouse Megastore offered both insert size and quantity options. The inserts are perfect. They are strong enough to support the plants and fit nicely into trays. The only problem I have encountered is that they sometimes tear when I separate them. That’s an issue only when I’m giving the plant away. Otherwise, great product.

Deb K (Ontario, US)
18 cell inserts

These are a nice size to move seedlings into as there is room for root growth. The cells snap apart easily without tearing. Strong enough that after use, I expect I can clean them and reuse a couple more times at least.

MLR09 (Dallas, US)

But, I wish they didn't separate so easily. I used these for starting seeds and they completely separated as I was up-potting my seedlings. Now, the separated cells don't stand upright in the tray without leaning and falling over. Otherwise, I had very healthy seedlings.