1020 Trays, Heavy Duty

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This heavy duty thermoformed tray is heavier than standard 1020 trays. Design allows community watering of pots, consistent bottom & side positioned drainage holes (or no holes) and easy, two-finger denesting. Both trays come with no center bar or side ribs. Select flats with or without holes.
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 1020 Trays, Heavy Duty thickness1020 Trays, Extra Heavy Duty thickness1020 Trays, Mega Heavy Duty thickness
 1020 Trays, Heavy Duty
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1020 Trays, Extra Heavy Duty1020 Trays, Mega Heavy Duty
Starting Thickness
0.040" gauge0.060" gauge0.088" gauge
Drainage Optionsno holes / with holesno holes / with holesno holes

This heavy duty thermoformed tray is heavier than standard 1020 trays. Design allows community watering of pots, consistent bottom & side positioned drainage holes (or no holes) and easy, two-finger denesting. Both trays come with no center bar or side ribs. Select flats with or without holes.

  • 10.94" W x 21.44" L x 2.44" D
  • Thermoformed trays designed for consistent performance in automated filling and handling equipment.
  • Don't settle for cheap and flimsy trays. Our 1020 trays are heavy weight and reusable.
  • Used with our inserts to create compact, efficient growing systems for Bedding Plants
  • 5 oz each
  • Starting Thickness: 0.040" gauge (Heavy Duty)
  • Made in the USA Made in the USA


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Reviews (115)
  • 1020 trays
    Trays are very sturdy. Better than others I have purchased before at other stores
  • Flimsy 1020 Trays
    I purchased a bunch of 1020 Trays from Greenhouse and I was very disappointed in how flimsy they are! I have always purchased mine from Bootstrap Farmer and these are no comparison!
  • Good for transporting potted plants
    These are, as expected, much sturdier than the "heavy duty" 1020 trays, helpful for carrying potted-up seedlings in and out of doors during hardening off.
  • Plastic Pot Trays
    Good price, fast shipping, large variety of products
  • Substantial
    Heavy enough to carry 10 plants in and out for hardening off.
  • growing
    1020 trays a big part of growing good product
  • trays
  • Didn't buy enough last year
    I started a greenhouse last year because it was hard to find 4 pack or 6 pack plants. I purchased some 72 cell starter kits from box store and they were flimsy. Searching on the web I found greenhouse and decided to take a chance and ordered a small amount of inserts and heavy duty 1020 flats. As soon as they came in I realize the quality of the product and the cheap price so I ordered more. This year I'm doing two greenhouses and I found myself short of 1020 flats and every time I want to order heavy duty flats they were out. That tells you how good they are.
  • 1020 Trays
    Did the Job -- goes well with the humidity domes..
  • heavy duty 1020 trays
    They work as advertised
  • Better than having a talking frog.
    We met by chance. I had a flat tire, it was raining, and my dog just died. When the tire iron slipped as i was changing the tire, my rage trigged something inside of me, something brutal. Something primal. Something monstrous. I began to grow, turn green, and lose all sense of self. I threw my car through a school when i look down, and there they were, the Heavy Duty Trays. They are sturdy and the perfect size to hold the 2x3 injection mold seed starters. We enjoyed a magical night of wonder and exploration. I buy about a dozen of these every year or so.
  • Great experience
    They perform well, easy to clean and strong. No problems with this batch.
  • 1020 HD Trays
    The trays are high quality and durable.
  • Work good
    The trays work well. They hold eighteen 3.5 inch square pots. A number of the trays cracked, but I used them hard and it was significantly less than half that got cracks. I never spilled any plants due to the cracks. I intend to buy these trays again. I definitely recommend going with the heavy duty trays if you want to move them around alot or use them multiple times. A good product.
  • Great product
    Good sturdy trays. Could not find these anywhere local. You came through for me.
  • Good trays, but not heavy duty
    The trays are good in 500 only a couple had tiny holes from where water would drip down a tiny bit. These trays are not have duty as this term means for me that I should be able to lift loaded (4" pots with soil) tray without fear that the sides would crack in those spots where I hold it. If I'm careful, and hold underneath too, they work just fine.
  • Awesome Trays
    Great product. Strong! Mines take a lot of greenhouse abuse. Great price. All interchangeable with so many other lids and inserts.
  • Excellent Quality Trays
    Thick walled trays that last for many seasons.
  • Nice Tray
    Use these for indoor seed starting with inserts. No complaints. Arrived in good condition. Fairly sturdy and good quality. Would definitely buy again. To protect these, I put the new ones inside older 1020's that have leaks. For extra rigidity, I have started using these inside Daisy Trays.
  • Brenda
    A little bit on the fragile side. I just remind myself to handle them with both hands when full.
  • better quality, better price
    30% less than where I use to purchase and seem to be more heavy duty!
  • Great product
    Trsy work very and are really strong.
  • Seed tray evaluation.
    these 1020 trays as well as the deep cell trays I purchased are of excellent quality. However, I seem to have lost my green thumb and this year's seedling crop has proven to be a total disaster.
  • These are great especially with tons of seedlings
    I discovered these last year and I love them! I grow 400 seedlings in my "greenhouse" (spare bedroom and upstairs hallway LOL) so they do get moved around a lot. I definitely recommend you buy the daisy trays as the plastic isn't super thick (reason for losing a star) but if you don't move them much, you may not need them. I just add 1/4-1/2" water when needed and let the plants bottom-water. I've never had a problem with damaged trays - everything is always well packed when shipped.
  • 1020 TRAYS
  • Very strong
    Nice and sturdy :)
  • Still need a daisy tray
    These don't hold up without a daisy tray under them. I got them to go under cell sheets, wish i would have just gotten the daisy trays. Probably good for micro greens, though
  • Great trays
    These are Heavy duty trays And are a great deal for the money. I use them for watering and holding dirt and they do not buckle.
  • So happy I found these
    Best 1020 trays I've ever used. Not wimpy and no wobble when moving plants around.
  • 1020 heavy duty
    I believe these are heave duty. I've purchased 1020 flat with insert from box stores and they where flimsy and cost more. I'm moving my 1020s around every day for last 3 week's and have had no problems at all. I'm just starting a small vegetable plant Greenhouse business because our local supplier stop selling vegetable plants last year. I like these Flats and think they are worthwhile in will last me a long time. I know if my Greenhouse takes off I will need more 1020 flats and inserts so ordering now.
  • Sturdy trays
    These are sturdy and will last a long time. Good value.
  • 1020 trays, heavy duty
    Look good, haven’t used yet but they are twice as heavy as what I bought elsewhere.
  • About what I expected
    Well, they are 1020 trays. They look and feel like nice ones and are made in the USA so I'll be buying more of them in the future. I ordered the "Heavy Duty" trays which feel more like good quality, regular trays, but that is all I need since the flats are unlikely to be moved for the better part of a year once they are in place.
  • Not heavy duty
    A bit dissatisfied as I expected the title to be true to product. It is not as heavy duty as I thought I was getting. But I use a home greenhouse grower. So I just doubled it up and it works.
  • 1020 trays
    These are standard 1020 trays in my opinion not really "heavy duty" but they are exactly what I expected. No cracks or leaks in the 100 pack that I bought. Price was the best I could find.
  • Solid trays
    Good solid trays, easier to transport than the lighter weight ones when full of soil and plants.
  • Buy elsewhere
    These are not standard 10x20 sized trays. I use their tray inserts that holds 32 x 2.5 inch pots. Those inserts nest perfectly in my other trays. They do not nest into these trays, which will very quickly result in trays breaking at the corners. Take your money elsehwere. Thickness is as expected.
  • Not heavy duty
    Heavy duty is very misleading, I have to use 2 trays at a time, otherwise the sides will break if you lift up the tray filled with soil that is fully hydrated. I got the mega-heavy duty trays from greenhouse megastore and the batch I received was excellent quality, could hold probably 40-50 lbs/tray. Long story short, there might be worse quality 10x20 trays out there, but that doesn't justify the name "heavy duty."
  • Great flats
    Sturdy enough to last for years!
  • No longer heavy duty...flimsy.
    My first order last fall was great...truly heavy, thick, rigid shiny black trays. Reordered more and they were different dull black light weight trays. Will look elsewhere for next order.
  • Not heavy duty
    Heavy duty is a misrepresentation of these. They are maybe a smidge thicker than regular ones, if any tbh.
  • Grower grade trays
    I assume the reviews stating these trays are not heavy duty are coming from retail users. As a commercial grower I can attest these trays are indeed heavier than the "typical" 1020 tray used for commercial production. They are from a reputable manufacturer (TO Plastics) and are durable enough to reuse many times.
  • Disappointing
    You get what you pay for. This trays are not heavy duty at all. Cheaply made, flimsy material.
  • Flimsy
    These are no longer "heavy duty." Been using these for a year and the last case came in obviously less sturdy. Called Customer service and they told me the manufacturer changed the thickness of the trays. They are now half the weight. If you want true heavy duty - get something else, these crack and break on the first use.
    Items came with at least 25% cracked on one corner. Eventually, more than half developed cracks and unusable. Is not heavy-duty as advertised.
  • most sturdy trays we've found for the price
    Able to hold a considerable weight compared to other trays that we have used. Not prone to cracking like other trays. Avoid leaving them in direct-hot sunlight as they do tend to warp/curl when they get overheated. Good value for the price.
  • Good Trays but not the real Heavy Duty
    These were good for the price but will not last throughout the summer in a place like Las Vegas. If you want real heavy duty find a tray that gives its thickness in millimeters. These will be in the 1.5-2.5mm range (i.e. 1.75mm)
  • HD trays
    Great trays nice and thick a lot better then the regular trays. We use them for the bottom trays for microgreens.
  • Wow thick!
    These 1020 trays are truly heavy duty. I have no concerns about leakage with bottom watering into these trays.
  • Good value, great product.
    Much better quality than other trays I have used. I use them for watering flats and to transport the flats around. Solid construction and not flimsy at all. I should be able to use these for many years.
  • Best bang for your buck!
    Super strong!!! Better to buy in bulk!
  • Excellent price and quality
    I am very impressed with the quality and price of this item. I will certainly be back for more in the future.
  • Nice
    Sturdy trays, good price.
  • 1020 Trays
    Love them! Just what I wanted for my micro greens!
  • Perfect for watering flats of plants!
    This tray has been a god send for helping keep my flats of plants watered. With temperatures in the 90s, I can soak flats of plants to make sure the root ball is saturated. These trays have saved my plants! Would buy them again!
  • Happy Customer
    Great quality and sturdy for multiple uses. Far superior to products we've purchased in the past from other suppliers.
  • Awesome product!
    These trays are the best I've ever seen. Not flimsy at all. I love them. And you can't beat the price. Buy them now. Seriously. You will not regret it. I use them for starting tomato seedlings, and then for transporting the potted plants later on. Other trays twist, these to not, they are so sturdy. Thank you for a great product!
  • Love these trays
    I have been using these heavy duty 1020 trays for a few months now and I love them. Very heavy and durable. I can pick them up when full of 6 packs and they don't bend or fold. I will order more of these in the future.
  • 1020 tray (heavy)
    Great trays heavier than the standard tray worth theprice will buy again.
  • Gardner
    These trays are very sturdy and can be reused year after year. They are awesome, just like all of the products from greenhouse megastore!
  • Strong like bull
    Very strong. Ordering more
  • Solid and sturdy tray.
    Very high quality tray. I have no issues with expecting several seasons of use. I use these to hold my transplanted seedlings in peat pots. Watering plants is easy as I just keep the trays with about an inch of water. Plants/soil takes the water as needed.
  • Great Product & Price
    These have been a lifesaver for me this cold spring. They are very sturdy!
  • Just what we needed
    These trays are exactly what we were looking for to start our seeds for our garden. They are sturdy enough that we think we won't have a problem reusing them.
  • Sturdy, nice packing
    These sturdy trays came in large box with protection wrap to insure they arrived not damaged. Shipping was reasonable and on time.
  • Loved them
    The heavy duty trays are wonderful. They are working out great. They fit perfectly in my propagation trays that are a little larger and are on my heating mats. Nothing gets wet.
  • Very durable
    These trays are very durable they are heavy duty and can be moved around the green house with ease even when filled with pot plants or inserts I will definitely be purchasing more very soon.
  • exceedes expectations
    Far superior product to the junk they sell at the home stores
  • Seed Starting trays
    Excellent product for the price. Heavier material than similar products I seen. Very quick with the shipment. Highly appreciated. Thanks
  • Amazing trays
    Hello all... I am a mircogreen farmer and i am always looking for cheap products to use.for the price you pay for there trays is unbelievable cheap and there amazingly strong for that price. No more limp trays there really stout. Buy them in bulk and get them even cheaper.thank you so much you for everything you have my business for life.
  • The heavy duty 1020 trays/no holes
    I have used these trays for the past three seasons and I am very pleased with them. Some of the ones I'm planting in today are from the first order! They hold up well!
  • Excellent durable product
    These trays are very nice as i have ordered others that were classified as heavy duty and were far from it. These last for years of use...
  • Nice and sturdy
    I much prefer these over the standard trays. A lot more sturdy and hold up to repeated use and weight without breaking. Not indestructible, but definitely worth the slightly higher price.
  • 1020 tray
    Very sturdy and sized right for all inserts.
  • Tray quality
    These are sturdy trays. Good quality. Plan to reuse for years to come.
  • Black Heavy Duty 1020 Tray
    not much stronger than the standard 1020 tray.
  • Heavy-duty Trays
    These trays are much heavier and appear more durable than previously owned trays from the local department stores. They price is also better for the quality. Plan to order some more.
  • flatlander
    Great trays nice and sturdy
  • Excellent Durabity
    The extra weight of these trays make all the difference. They hold up to heavy weight without buckling. I expect a vastly increased usability with this choice.
  • Good product
    The products appear to be of very good quality and the price was very reasonable. It is to early in the season to actually use the item.
  • planting trays with drain holes
    They look like they should work. I'll first be using them the end of the month to plantt onion seeds. They look study not flimsy
  • 10/20 trays
    Very strong, great product. Thank you
  • Happy
    These trays are heavy and do not flex in the middle when loaded with plants. So happy with this product!
  • Good service
    Good product and good price.
  • 1029 Trays
    1020 trays are sturdy and durable. I plan to reuse them next year.
  • Heavy Duty tray not so Heavy
    1020 heavy duty Trays were not so heavy duty. About double the thickness but not as rigid as other trays. 2 stars because they were still crafted nice but not heavy duty.
  • Packaging needs improvement
    I ordered 6 no-hole trays but the one on the bottom broke during shipping.
  • Best yet!
    I kept my fingers crossed that these would be heavy-duty, sight unseen. They are! Yes, the price reeled me in, but these seem to be high quality AND I can separate them. My last ones ordered from another company took pliers to gently separate. I was thankful there were only ten. The Megastore is Mega-awesome!
  • 1020 Trays Heavy Duty-no holes
    Very happy with product
  • Grass flats
    Using product to grow several dry grasses for a forest restoration project.They are cost effective and sturdy enough. They are working great.
  • Love these trays!
    Love these trays they are the perfect size for the shelving units in my greenhouse & are pretty stable when loaded with the starter pots also purchased. Would recommend as well as purchase again!
  • Great and Durable
    These have held up to some moderate abuse. Seam pretty flexible for plastic and none have cracked under a few lbs. of weight. Purchased a second batch I liked them so much.
  • Very Happy with purchase
    Nice heavy duty trays at a reasonable price and shipping costs.
  • Happy w/purchase
    Very nice heavy duty trays...will purchase again and again!
  • Great But Could Be Tougher
    This is a great tray but I wish the manufacture could increase the durability of the tray. Doesn't take much to ruin one without using additional support. Then again, the trays from Greenhouse Megastore so very low in price so breaking a tray here and there will not break the bank.
  • JDB
    Good trays.
  • 1020 trays
    I ordered 10 no-hole trays, and then a second order a month later for another 10. They are very sturdy and exactly what I needed. Shipped in a few days. Very happy with purchase.
  • Trays
    Strong quality product, i like to work with them , helps me with my plants , seedlings. I will recommend to others !
  • Buy the HD trays
    The Heavy Duty trays are the ones to get. For pennies more than the standard duty trays you get trays that can handle heavier loads and that will last for more seasons.
  • Carrying trays
    Ordered with holes and received without holes kept them anyway since I will need in future and ordered with holes from Amazon
  • Excellent Quality
    These Heavy Duty 1020 Trays are well worth the extra cost. They are very sturdy and I can see them easily lasting many seasons. They are not at all like the cheap, thin ones you get from the big box stores or the ones I usually get from other nurseries. These are great!
  • Save Money Starting Seeds!
    Save money each year by investing in REUSABLE trays for your seed-starting. These are SO durable, with watered soil and plants, I can confidently hold it from the bottom with one hand, without fear that it will collapse, crack, or bow. I purchased four of these, and although I don't think I'll need to buy more for a long time, I will definitely buy these again if I expand my operation!! Great heavy-duty product.
  • Incredible
    After years of using the standard 1020 trays from other sources, I am NEVER going back to those trays. These trays are of an incredible quality, not flimsy in any way, shape, manner or form. Excellent value.
  • Heavy Duty Trays
    Well worth paying a little more for these trays, especially if you reuse your trays from year to year! High quality, durable, do not sag when you lift them to move plants. I have tossed all of my old flimsy trays and replaced with these. Excellent product at an excellent price :)
  • Very good flats
    These are heavy duty flats, not the floppy kind you get with seed-starting kits. Excellent value.
  • 1020 Trays - Heavy Duty - no holes, each
    I like the quality of this product...
  • customer
    Product as described. Arrived in a timely manner. Pleased with my purchase.
  • Awesome Stuff
    Everything I buy from you is awesome! The prices are very reasonable and I get them very quickly. Thank you again for everything.
  • Pretty Heavy
    I bought these to replace some other trays I had that were starting to leak due to getting dinged up on the corners. I will probably end up having to replace these some day, but they're heavier than the ones I had and I think they'll last quite a bit longer. For the price, these are great. Super heavy-duty trays are about 10X the price.
  • 1020 no hole tray
    I was surprised these weren't made from thicker material for being sold as heavy duty. I've purchased thicker at the local grow supply store. I guess I'll see how well they hold up next season.
  • poor
    not very strong still need to be doubled
  • Strurdy and affordable!
    These heavy duty trays are excellent, re-usable and affordable. I highly recommend them.
  • Giant Trays are a Must!
    Don't know I grew in the past without these trays. Perfect for setting trays in under lights and keeping plants watered. Really a life saver. Highly recommend them: durable, well made,great price
  • Quality Strong Durable
    I bought the extra strong trays because I wanted them to last more than a year. They are holding up nicely. Should last several years worth the extra .50 per tray.
  • Better Trays for Growing Fodder
    I like that these trays are stronger than the trays you used to have.