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Find the greenhouse improvement products that's sure to cut your install time in half! Shop our selection of Screws and Fasteners for use with any of our greenhouse coverings, create a custom structure using our PVC Pipe & Fittings, or find the materials needed to easily install a heater in your garage or greenhouse.

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Spring Lock Base
Item No. GF-9001B
Spring Lock Top
Item No. GF-9002
Spring Lock Bundle
Item No. GF-9004
Aluminum Glazing Bar
Item No. PCP-EX-GB
Aluminum Glazing Cap
Item No. PCP-EX-GC8
Plastic H Profile
Item No. PCP-EX-H1
Snap Clamps
Item No. SN-SC
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Lap Fasteners with Screw
Item No. GA-1011
Yes Purchase
Shark Bite Fastener
Item No. SC-9009
No Purchase
$4.00 $5.00
Double S Hook
Item No. SC-9010
No Purchase
$5.00 $2.00
Corrugated Foam Closures
Item No. PC-CL-C
No Purchase
$18.75 $21.00
10" Bungee Ball
Item No. SC-9012
Yes Purchase
$24.50 $29.00
White Felt with Adhesive Backing
Item No. GF-WH8
No Purchase
Vertical Foam Closures
Item No. PC-CL-V
No Purchase
$52.50 $47.25
Clear 50"L x 11"W Ridge Cap
Item No. CPC-RC
Yes Purchase
Polycarbonate Glazing Spring Clips, 25/pack
No Purchase
PVC Side Saddle Tee
Item No. SN-STEE
Yes Purchase
Inflation Blower, 60 CFM
Item No. FA-IB
Yes Purchase
4' H-Channel Profile for Solexx Panels
Item No. PCP-SLH
Yes Purchase
PVC Snap Tab
Item No. SN-TAB
Yes Purchase
Polypropylene Batten Tape
Item No. GF-9007
Yes Purchase
Anti-Dust Bottom Tape
Item No. PCP-AC-20
No Purchase
Top Sealing Aluminum Tape
Item No. PCP-AC-10
No Purchase
Wire Vise for Interior Shade Kit
Item No. SC-9003
No Purchase
Spring-Lock Double Base, 6' long
Item No. GF-SPLB-DB6
Yes Purchase
Silicone Caulk for Solexx Panels
Yes Purchase
49" U-Profile for Solexx Panels
Item No. PCP-SLU
Yes Purchase
Rope Cleat 10/pk
Item No. SC-9001
No Purchase
Gas Ball Valve, 1/2"
Item No. HT-PT-GV12
No Purchase
Gas Connector, 1/2" x 24"
Item No. HT-PT-CON
Yes Purchase
Plastic Grommets, 50/pk
Item No. SC-9000
Yes Purchase
Aluminum Gable End Bar, 8'
Item No. PCP-EX-EB8
Yes Purchase
White Galvanized 1" Wood/PVC Screws 100/Bag
Yes Purchase
Lacing Cord & Needle
Item No. SC-CLLC
No Purchase
Shade Cloth Pin Connector
Item No. SC-9013
Yes Purchase
$20.00 $2.00
SolaWrap Connector, 10' long
Yes Purchase