7" Vented Humidity Dome for 1020 Trays

7" Vented Humidity Dome for 1020 Trays


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This heavy-duty plastic 7" Vented Plant Humidity Dome for 1020 Trays is a simple way to increase humidity and temperatures for young plants that need both. It has two top vents and side vents for allowing airflow as needed. Use the control dial to regulate moisture and temperature for your germinating seeds.

Our humidity domes fit all Greenhouse Megastore 1020 plant trays along with most other manufacturers. You can also use them to protect tools and supplies. Save money when you order these clear domes in bulk - contact us for a quote.

1020 Seedling Tray Dome Features:

  • 7" high on inside
  • Made of heavy-duty clear plastic
  • Has top and side vents
  • Control dial for adjusting
  • Fits most 1020 trays
  • Exterior Dimensions: 21.5 in. L x 11 in. W x 7.5 in. H

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Janice Wheeler (Seattle, US)

Looking forward to putting my domes to work next week when I start my seeds.


As advertised

R.T. (Flint, US)

does not fit 1020 trayz do not buy

We are sorry to hear that your domes do not fit, we would love to assist you with an exchange, please reach out to customer service.

s.c. (Miami, US)

flimsy don't see them lasting. There is no handle on top. You have to force the vents in place. Some came in place and some didn't.

M from Pittsburgh (Sewickley, US)
Exactly what I wanted

I really like this dome lid for starting my plants from seed. The one that came with the tray I bought locally was too low and didn't have vents. This dome is high enough to let my plants grow enough for planting. The vents are helpful to keep the plants from burning or rotting.

John Hancock (Madison, US)
7 inch covers are great

I bought 4 of the 7 inch covers just to see what they would do. The little hole covers --are worthless. BUT I love the covers. I can sprout seeds in a starter and then put them in a 10x20 tray with the cover on. It keeps them more moist and some warmer. They thrive and strengthen before being transplanted into the garden or pots. I intend to buy more.

Nancy Kupina (Ann Arbor, US)
Love These 7" Domes

Before I purchased these domes, I read all the reviews and was a little concerned. These were some complaints about how they were a bit flimsy and the vent covers weren't permanently attached, etc. However I really wanted a taller dome for my 5" deep plug trays so that I could grow hearty plants before transferring them into my gardens (and to protect them from my cat while indoors...). One of the complaints was that the plastic walls were too thin and that binder clips the purchaser used to secure the lids to the trays caused them to tear. Armed with this knowledge, I decided to make "seat belts" for my growing systems. They work fabulously! You can buy strap material and fastener clips from your local or big box hardware store. I have ten 50 plug tray & dome systems. The materials to make these "seat belts" cost $4.50 for each tray. Worth every penny and they look great. Also, I have no problem with the vent covers. On top of all that, my seeds are coming up more quickly than I expected so I'm a happy gardener!

Deb (Brookings, US)
7" humidity dome

These work great!

Matt Pedersen, MiniWaters LLC, Duluth Daylily, Duluth Hosta Co. (Duluth, US)
Long Lasting, Great Price

Needing these domes in volumes for indoor plant growing and seed starting the pricing here can't be beaten. These 4-way vented SunDome brand domes that are currently shipping from Greenhouse Megastore have held up longer, and resisted the yellowing and cracking that I've seen happen on other brands and styles of domes. I would not want any other brand/style at this point. These are the best match of quality and price I've come across, and I routinely recommend them to other indoor growers.

Tony Harrison (Port Saint Joe, US)

Some comments after first use:
1. Works well in some respects as a humidity dome, but quite thin for outside use. I will use them inside from now on.
2. Since this was my first humidity dome purchase ever, I didn't consider that the dome edges would ride on top of seed trays that fill a plant tray. This creates problems with plants growing in outside part of seed trays that dome rides on.
3. Suggest work only with pots NOT seed trays that fill entire plant tray.