Aquafog SS700
Aquafog SS700
Aquafog SS700
Aquafog SS700

Aquafog SS700


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Compact and versatile Aquafog Hydro atomizing fans can handle a variety of indoor/outdoor humidification or evaporative cooling applications. The nozzle-free fans can atomize ordinary water supplies into a very fine mist-like-fog. Utilizing high-speed centrifugal force and air flow, these units can propel a misty-fog stream up to 20 feet away.

Unlike other fog systems, all Aquafog foggers can accept ordinary water supplies, even well or pond water without the risk of clogging. The secret is in the nozzle-free, self-flushing atomization system that forces liquids through passageways in the fan blades, atomizing as the liquid exits the blades. In addition Aquafog do not require high-pressure lines. Ordinary pressurized water lines are more than enough, and units can even be gravity-fed or connected to low pressure supplies like reverse osmoses (RO) systems. By eliminating specialized pumps and filtering equipment, Aquafog saves time and reduces costs. The unique atomization process combined with the fan's forced circulation provides a quality fog with great distribution.

  • Consumes extremely low amounts of energy, 1.6 amps or less @ 115V
  • Adjustable angle fogging head
  • No-clog, nozzle-free atomization
  • Adjustable flow output w/ fog particles averaging 40 microns in size
  • 14' power cord with grounded three prong plug.
  • 15' of water line tubing with water hose connector
  • Endures temperatures from 33° to 160°
  • Indoors / outdoors
  • Humidity to 85% RH
  • UV stabilized & impact resistant
  • 304 (18/8) stainless steel hardware
  • Rear-Feed Blade - This exclusive blade design is a significant product development, enhancing reliability and performance.
  • Fasco Motor
    • Totally enclosed shaded-pole motor
    • Stainless Steel Shaft and Mounting Studs
    • Accessible Oil Ports to Bronze Bearings
    • Fan-Cooled with Epoxy Finish

Flowmeter Control Panel (DF Model)

Hydro SS 700 Direct Feed unit comes with a flowmeter panel. This panel controls the water flow rate and fogging output. It features stainless steel construction and a clear polycarbonate flow rate scale for monitoring. Flowmeters require a water supply of 10 to 100 PSI.

The scale is displayed in cc/minute and equals a flow rate up to 5 gallons per hour.
  • 20-300 cc/min (.3 to 5 GPH)
  • Needle Valve Flow Control
  • In-line Strainer

Standard Controls and Features (BT and HS Models)

Hydro SS 700 Hanging Sump comes outfitted for manual operation. The system can be automated by adding a control package.

  • 1/4 turn, Flow Control Ball Valve
  • Stainless Steel Hanger and Housing Support
  • Simple Garden Hose Connect
  • Water-tight NEMA 4X Switch Box


Direct Feed (DF)
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Bench Top (BT)
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Hanging Sump (HS)
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Fogging Capacity Up to 5 GPH Up to 4 GPH Up to 4 GPH
CFM Rating 980 Cubic ft per min. 980 Cubic ft per min. 980 Cubic ft per min.
Motor 1/20 HP, 115V, 60Hz 1/20 HP, 115V, 60Hz 1/20 HP, 115V, 60Hz
Energy Consumption 1.5 Amps @ 115V 1.6 Amps @ 115V 1.6 Amps @ 115V
Noise @ 10 ft. 63 dB(A) 63 dB(A) 63 dB(A)
Weight 10 lbs 17 lbs 18 lbs
Unit Dimensions 16"W x 20" H x 17" D 16"W x 25" H x 18" D 16"W x 28" H x 18" D
Power Cord 14' 12' 12'
Water Line 20' w/hose connector 15' 15'
Coverage About 500 sq ft. for Humidification Applications. About 300 sq. ft. for Evaporative Cooling Applications. About 500 sq ft. for Humidification Applications. About 300 sq. ft. for Evaporative Cooling Applications. About 500 sq ft. for Humidification Applications. About 300 sq. ft. for Evaporative Cooling Applications.

Comparison Chart

Most economically priced fogging unit X

More economically priced automatic control packages
Supplied with a visual read, water flowmeter panel with fine adjustment capability X

Does not require a support bar for installation
No drainage area needed, unit reuses the housing's condensation waster water
Comes with convenient on/off power switch and quarter turn water control valve
Most reliable unit because of fewer moving components (no pump or float valve) X

Also works well with low pressure reverse osmoses type water supplies

Recommended Accessories for Direct Feed Model

Item Name Image Description
Humidistat/Solenoid Control Humidistat/Solenoid Control This pre-wired humidistat combination water solenoid is an ideal means of control for the Hydro 700 Direct Feed unit in all applications requiring 85% or less relative humidity.
Thermostat/Solenoid Control Thermostat/Solenoid Control If your primary interest is in evaporative cooling, this pre-wired thermostat combination water solenoid control is what you may need to automate your SS700 Direct Feed unit.
Cycle Timer/Solenoid Control Cycle Timer/Solenoid Control If you want to maintain very high humid environments above 85% (RH) relative humidity, then the Cycle Timer may be the control you are looking for to automate your SS700 Direct Feed humidifier.
Mounting Support Mounting Support Heavy Duty Mounting Supports for the SS700 fogger.

Recommended Accessories for Bench Top and Hanging Sump Models

Item Name Image Description
Humidistat Control Pre-Wired Humidistat This pre-wired humidistat is ideal for control in applications under 80% RH. Controller incorporates a mechanical-action sensor with simple dial control.

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Legacy Review
Unsatisfactory for reverse osmosis water systems.

The fan pulls mist from a rear-mounted mister and blows it out onto you plants. This means that a lot of that mist is actually hit by the blades and is spun out into the blue plastic housing. It collects in the bottom and drains out tubing that is in the back. Our water is high in Calcium so we have to use an RO system, but this unit's inefficiency makes it use water faster than our system can replace it. Plus, that overflow of gallons of water spun off by the fan flows onto the greenhouse floor. If you have abundant mineral-free water then it should be okay, but if you need RO water then don't get this unit.

Legacy Review
My Review... Hope it helps!

I just purchased this SS700 unit to replace TurboXE model that finally croaked after 7 years of hard labor. About this unit...PROS:1- Easy to install! No hard wiring necessary like the larger XE model.2-VERY quiet! The XE sounded like a helicopter landing in the backyard!CONS: I purchased this unit to raise the humidity and provide some fog in an orchid greenhouse, which is 14' W x 24 long. The XE model would fill the ENTIRE greenhouse (40' long) with luxurious fog to the point that you could not see one end of the greenhouse from the other.This unit has only about 25% of the power that the XE had. It only blows fog about 15' out and 8-10' wide. The fog is not as fine as the XE... more like a mist actually. I'm not sorry that I purchased it, but I DO miss the XE! At least I'm able to raise the humidity level again which is crucial for the orchids.In conclusion, This is a good quality machine, but make sure that you are not under-doing it for the square footage that you have to cover!

Legacy Review

humidifier works very well, the flow meter will send LOTs more water to the unit than it can use (if valve is fully opened and connected to a pressurized line) the whole system works very well, pretty quiet, with a lower rpm fan they could make it silent(high rpm needed to atomize the water from the looks of it). the cycle timer works well also.

Legacy Review
initial review, final review will come later

i havent gotten to set up the product just yet but did a couple quick tests in a larger room than it will be used in, it seems to crank the humidity right up quickly. when you stand next to it its not the quietest thing in the world, the fan spins very fast to atomize the water other wise it would be silent. but if u go into another room it is quiet. doesnt have penetrating noise, just a higher frequency. the cycle timer is nice too ;) gives you plenty of timing options, seems sturdy/ good quality.

Legacy Review
Great Purchase

I bought these item to keep my grow room humid so my seedlings would stay moist and retain water rather than drying out. Its worked perfectly, not only is the room the humidity i want it, but all my seedlings have shown rapid growth!!!