Color Square Injection Molded Pot 2.5"
Color Square Injection Molded Pot 2.5"
Color Square Injection Molded Pot 2.5"
Color Square Injection Molded Pot 2.5"
Color Square Injection Molded Pot 2.5"
Color Square Injection Molded Pot 2.5"
Color Square Injection Molded Pot 2.5"
Color Square Injection Molded Pot 2.5"

Color Square Injection Molded Pot 2.5"


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These tough and durable pots are perfect for a wide range of indoor and outdoor gardening applications. They are injection-molded from food-grade virgin BPA-free plastic and feature a special UV-resistant composition. Their smart design with grip edge allows easy handling, and their stand-off feet with vertical drain holes provide excellent drainage.

Dimensions for the pots measure 2.55"L x 2.55"W x 3.5"H.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
K.S. (Smyrna, US)
Ugly UPC Sticker on the Side of Every Pot

Ugly UPC sticker on the side of every pot ruined the esthetics of my greenhouse. I bought the pots because they were pretty colors but they look is horrible. The sticker have been put on with glue and do not peel off. I bought the same containers in March and they didn't have these stickers. So Disappointed.

We apologize, the manufacturer made this switch without telling us. We have talked to them about this and we hope by next season they have switched to a label which is easier to remove.

Helen (Oak Creek, US)

The pots are nice and sturdy. The problem I had was getting the plant out of the pot. They are tall.

Simone (Boston, US)
Some minor technical issues

These pots are sturdy and I love the colors. They fit comfortably in a standard tray. However, they can be tippy if there are only a few of them in a tray you're trying to carry. And they don't loosen up very easily when removing plants for transplanting- be sure to squeeze the sides thoroughly before attemping to pull the plant out. Overall I do think I'd buy again for my hobby garden but probably not if I was running a commercial farm or nursery.

R.R. (Seattle, US)
Love the color and quality

Ordered one mixed set of 30. After I filled them all decided to order to more sets! Love the rainbow colors. Agree with someone else that these should be sold in sets of 32 to fill a 1020 tray.

Danielle Leffler (Birmingham, US)
My favorite from now on.

Very study, an so great to be reused. Love this new project for my baby plant starts.

Judy Beschta (Minneapolis, US)
Too small

Great little containers but make them also in a larger size such as 3.5 X 5.

Michelle Hodges (High Springs, US)

I love these pots! The colors are beautiful and when I walk into the green house they make my heart happy! The quality is great and I will enjoy these for years. The trays that match are really nice and sturdy! Well pleased with my purchase!

D.W. (Ashburn, US)
Nice pots - durable and will last years

I bought these last summer and love them. Like most, you have to catch the color and quantity you want in stock as they are popular. These are very very sturdy pots and I have reused them several times last season and just up-potted my plants for the 2023 spring season from the plug trays into these. Easy to clean for reuse and no impact from sunlight on the plastic that I have seen (UV resistant).

D.B. (Cedar Hill, US)
Great pots but not very tray friendly

These are exactly the dimensions I was looking for. A 2.5" square pot is the ideal size what I want them for. For me a 4 inch pot takes up more space in a tray than necessary but a 2" pot is only useful from germination to "toddler size" plants. // That being said, these pots have two major drawbacks: 1). They are not very stable due to their shape, so they don't stand up well in a tray. 2.) Being tall and flaring, they won't allow the humidity dome to cover them down to the lip of the tray.

April (Tyndall, US)
Nice pots

Had to wait for backorder, but very nice pots. Just transplanted my tomato seedlings into them today. They are well made and should last many seasons.