Ranger Series Greenhouse

Ranger Series Greenhouse


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Load Rating

This greenhouse can provide year-round production for propagation and growing, retail garden centers, aqua culture, and provides the most square footage for the dollar as an instructional or institutional greenhouse. The frame of this structure is constructed from the same high quality, galvanized steel roll-formed components as our more expensive packages.

Ranger Series Greenhouse Features:

  • Style: Free style gothic arch engineered to reduce roof snow build-up and provide maximum headroom.
  • Available widths: 30' only.
  • Available lengths: 6' Increments (10 lb.load rating), 4' Increments (20/30 lb. load rating).
  • Available sidewall heights: 4' high standard, up to 6' available for additional cost.
  • Available roof covering: Framed for Poly covering. Hard covering available at an additional cost.
  • Load rating: 12, 20, or 30 pound. Engineered to meet the stringent standards of the Uniform Building Codes.
  • Arches: (2) piece arch, 9-1/2" rollform galvanized steel. 6' or 4' center to center.
  • Columns: 9-1/2" rollform, arched and downset on end for lap.
  • Gutters: Not required.
  • Purlins: (5) run standard on roof, none on sidewall.
  • Sidewalls: 4' high standard, up to 6' available for additional cost.
  • Endwalls: (4) 1-7/8" tube uprights with (4) runs of 5" rollform steel (optional - see below).
  • By Others:Wood baseboard, grading, concrete.


Width = 30'
Length = 24', 36', 48', 60', 72', 84', 92', or 96'
Sidewall Height = 4' (can be extended up to 6' for additional cost)
RidgeHeight = 14'
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All Ranger Greenhouses are engineered to meet 85 mph wind and you can choose from 12, 20, or 30 pound live load per the UBC Building Code. The free style gothic arch is designed to reduce roof snow build-up and provide maximum headroom. All galvanized steel frame insures maximum strength and life.

Additional Information

Ranger Series Greenhouse Flyer (PDF)

Ranger Options

Coverings and Packages

If you want to cover the roof only of your Ranger structure with poly film, make sure you order the 40' wide poly. If you want to add endwalls and cover both roof and sides with poly film, order the 48' wide poly. See the Accessory Chart below to link to these products in our store. There are several ways to finish out the Ranger using all poly film, a combination of poly film and polycarbonate, or all polycarbonate.

Assembly Options

Components supplied are pre-punched and cut to length simplifying the installation. Step-by-step installation instructions are included. Greenhouse Megastore provides online and telephone support to answer any questions you may have. For information call our Sales Representatives toll-free at 1-888-281-9337.

Shipping Information

Important: Due to size and/or weight, this product must ship via Common Carrier instead of Standard Ground Service. To obtain the correct freight charges be sure to select this shipment method upon checkout. Please phone a Greenhouse Megastore Sales Representative at 1-888-281-9337 if you have any questions regarding shipment of this product.

Recommended Accessories

Accessories have been designed to fit perfectly with your greenhouse. Click on the selections below to view or purchase. For other accessories, browse the Greenhouse Megastore including containers, benches, grow lights, shade cloth & irrigation systems, or contact a Greenhouse Megastore Sales Representative Toll-Free at 1-888-281-9337.

Item Description Weight

6' Aluminum Tube Lock Base&6' Aluminum Tube Lock Clip

Used to fasten roof covering at base.
Quantity Required = Length ÷ 6 x 2
2 lbs

Arched aluminum gable end bars with clip and fasteners (both endwalls)

Used with poly roof and rigid endwalls. 62 lbs

Corrugated Polycarbonate with fasteners (both endwalls)

Panels with fasteners for endwalls. 102 lbs

Steel endwall kit (both endwalls)

Used when endwalls are enclosed. 198 lbs

Corrugated Polycarbonate with fasteners (both sidewalls)

Panels with fasteners for up to 96' long sidewalls. For structures with sidewall option only. 200 lbs

Storm door kit with jambs and flashing

3' Wide x 6' 8" Tall 112 lbs

Poly inflator fan assembly kit for double poly roofs

Used to inflate double poly roofs 10 lbs

Roof Poly

6 mil, 4 year rated greenhouse film
Order 40' width for Ranger roof only
Order 48' width for both roof and sides

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