Sterling Irrigation and Sprinkling System Controller

Sterling Irrigation and Sprinkling System Controller


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The Sterling irrigation timer and controller is a cost-effective system for small, medium or even large growing operations. This affordable yet flexible controller is offered in different models to adapt to what and where you grow. Options range from a four-station irrigation controller for DIY gardeners and limited crops to 36-station controllers for diverse professional greenhouses.

Each model features six independent programs that can run concurrently with up to nine daily starts per program. The station timing is adjustable from one minute to 24 hours in one-minute increments. You can set the watering calendar as far out as 32 days so you have peace of mind knowing your plants are cared for (the factory default is seven days). Other practical features include programmable watering loops, system checks and “Off” days. Each system has a three-year limited manufacturer’s warranty and is backed by the knowledge of our greenhouse experts.

  • Six independent programs that can run concurrently.
  • Up to nine daily cycle starts per program. Loop watering is optional in all six programs for unlimited cycles.
  • No limit on the number of programs to which a station can be assigned (all six if desired).
  • Station timing is adjustable from one minute to 24 hours in one-minute increments. Seconds or minutes time base is optional in all six programs. An illuminated LED lets you know if a program is in the seconds/minute’s mode.
  • Automatic, semi-automatic, manual and timed manual operation.
  • Programmable watering calendar. The watering calendar is factory set at seven days but can be changed to any length from 1 to 32 days.
  • Programmable “system check” cycle that can be initiated at any station. The station “On” duration is programmable from 1 to 15 minutes (or, optionally, 1 to 15 seconds per station).
  • Water budgeting feature to simultaneously change the watering durations of all stations within a program (1% to 255%). An illuminated LED lets you know if water budgeting is set at anything other than 100%.
  • Single program option allows you to schedule two or more programs, but limits automatic operation to only that program at which the dial is set.
  • Programmable rain-off for up to 14 days. The controller will resume automatic operation on the day following the last “Off” day. Program erase feature allows existing programs to be erased individually or all at once.
  • Programmable pause of 1 to 59 seconds between stations to allow full valve closure before advancing to the next station.
  • Programmable loop allows a program's watering cycle to continuously repeat for a desired period. The cycles can repeat immediately or after a programmed delay of 1 minute to 4 hours, 15 minutes.
  • Program six can be activated by a sensor switch such as a thermostat. Ideal for frost protection or cooling.
  • Simplified program review. Program information can be scrolled on the display.
  • The manufacturer guarantees Sterling controllers against defective parts and workmanship for three years.

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