Garland XL Garden Tray Black without Holes

Garland XL Garden Tray Black without Holes


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Crafted from injection-molded plastic, this tray boasts durability and functionality without compromising on sustainability. This tray allows you to hold and easily transport your house or garden plants.

These trays also make excellent containers for growing wheatgrass as well as various other kinds of fodder and seed. Its generous dimensions and functional design make it a valuable addition to any gardening toolkit.

Garland XL Garden Tray Black without Holes Features:

  • Durable and Deep Design: Injection-molded tray with a depth of 3 inches, providing sturdiness and a deeper profile compared to standard trays.
  • Sustainable Material: Crafted from recycled polypropylene, contributing to eco-friendly practices while maintaining durability for extended use.
  • Multi-Functional Utility: Beyond traditional tray purposes, this XL Garden Tray serves as an excellent container for cultivating wheatgrass, various fodder, and seeds.
  • Dimensions: 16" W x 23" L x 3" H

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
PK (East Sandwich, US)

A sturdy tray. I use it to bottom water and fertilize my seedlings and transplants.

Antonio Martinez (West Bridgewater, US)

Great price, fast shipping quality product!

JS (Potterville, US)
Sturdy and versatile

Paired with the XL seed tray with holes. Easy to carry. Lots of space. Not flimsy. All pros, no cons.

C.M. (Binghamton, US)
Great trays

As I get older and a bit less strong, I'm depending on this size tray along with its matching XL tray with holes. (I have NO fault at all with the next size up; they're just a bit unwieldy for me now.)

They are sturdy without being overly heavy and fit on my racks just fine. I can easily carry them outside for hardening-off in spring without worrying I might drop one because it's too heavy for arthritic hands.

I have a few that are three years old and they show no sign of cracking or otherwise deteriorating. Good value for the price since they don't need to be replaced every year or two.

Wayne Schultz (Collegeville, US)
Modifying a tray for the cone-tainer tray.

In the cold weather months, I use a 48" x 16" x 75: shelf storage unit to start Citrus Tree seedlings. The cone-tainers are ideal for my purpose. However, the XL Garden tray is wide enough but just 3" too short for the cone-tainer tray. To accommodate the cone-tainer tray I buy an extra tray and plastic weld a 6" long end of one tray to a tray that I cut 3" from.

Seattle (Seattle, US)
Good Value

I simply wanted sturdy large trays to be able to carry more seedlings outside for hardening. These work nicely. When it rains, I realize I need to drill a hole in the tray to drain the water out.

E M. (East Lansing, US)
legacy review

I was so impressed with these trays,I have ordered them several times since over the years. Simply outstanding product.

Legacy Review
Great Trays

Purchase 4 of these trays this spring. Was very glad to see how well built the trays were for a reasonable price. They are very strong and stand up to the 15 - 4 inch square pots, with plenty of room if over watered.

Legacy Review
Good depth & size

These fit well on the metal racks and are easy to rotate and carry. Would recommend.

Legacy Review
Don't understand

I don't get why someone is saying Proptek doesn't fit in this tray They must be responding about a different tray.
Garden Tray 23 L, 16 W
Proptek Tray Size 21.1 L,10.6W
1020 tray 21.44L,10.94W