FELCO Swiss Made Products

      From the outset, FELCO has sought to master all industrial processes and technologies required to design and manufacture its product range. This attitude allowed FELCO to systematically integrate technological advances into every stage of production and to enhance them with the know-how acquired over more than 75 years of manufacturing experience. The full mastery of production processes guarantees the consistent quality of products; the added mastery of production capacity assures faultless and timely deliveries to customers.

      FELCO Pruners and Shears

      Since 1945, FELCO Industries has been the global leader in pruning shears that do precise trimming whenever you need it. Founded by Félix Flisch, FELCO continues to come up with innovative designs while following the latest industrial manufacturing processes. Whether you're a professional landscaper or a DIY gardener, you can get access to the world's best pruning tools made with quality, safety and eco-friendliness in mind.

      Do More with FELCO

      Greenhouse Megastore is an authorized distributor of premium FECLO pruning shears made in Switzerland. The FLECO F2 Original Pruner was introduced in 1948 and remains the standard for hand-pruning trees, shrubs, vine plants and more. Since then, they have developed many other shears and pruning accessories. FELCO pruner solutions include the F11 Narrow Blade Pruner for tight spaces, the F6 Pruner for Smaller Hands and the F7 Rotating Handle Pruner.

      Their collections of plant shears and the FELCO F600 Folding Miracle Saw offer other ways to manage a landscape. Are you tired of digging through a tool bag to find your pruners? FELCO leather pruner holsters clip to your belt for hands-free carrying.

      Pruning Excellence

      Everything FELCO does, from its ergonomic designs to having manual pruning shears with interchangeable parts, is aimed at making the very best pruners. We use these cutting tools on our personal landscapes and are proud to offer them for your greenhouse, gardening or yardwork needs. Greenhouse Megastore has a Low Price Guarantee on all FELCO pruners - and the forged aluminum components are covered by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.