Modine PDP250A Unit Heater

Modine PDP250A Unit Heater


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The Modine PDP250A is the solution for heating big spaces without central air systems. It's a commercial-grade 250,000 BTU heater with 80% efficiency, generating enough heat for a commercial greenhouse, large warehouse, barn, manufacturing center or multi-use studio. The power-vented rotatable propeller design helps force exhaust fumes out and allows you to set up easy, cost-efficient vertical venting - though you can also use horizontal venting to reduce heat loss when the unit is shut off. A safety switch tracks the pressure and automatically shuts down the system if it senses fumes starting to back up in the flue.

Getting a Modine unit heater is a cost-efficient way to keep plants, people, equipment and animals warm. The Modine PDP-250 High-Efficiency II can run on propane or natural gas. If you need to, you can switch the fuel source on the fly! The team at Greenhouse Megastore can help determine if a Modine PDP series heater is right for your structure.

Modine PDP250 Unit Heater Standard Features:

  • Produces 83% thermal efficiency, maximizing seasonal efficiency using a collector box and power exhauster.
  • The power exhaust can be rotated 180 degrees.
  • Uses a 100% shut-off, intermittent pilot-ignition system with continuous retry.
  • Field convertible from natural to propane gas.
  • Has a safety pressure switch to ensure safe venting conditions.
  • Designed to use the smallest diameter vent pipe possible.
  • Comes with "wing" screws so the bottom pan can be dropped without a screwdriver.
  • Certified to 0.5-inch W.C. external static pressure.
  • Includes a level hanging mechanism for easy field adjustments.
  • Has a 10-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger.

Dimensions and Diagrams

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Performance Specifications

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Performance information below.

Model Input BTUH Output BTUH Vent Size Weight
PDP150A 145,000 120,000 5" 174
PDP175A 175,000 140,000 5" 238
PDP200A 200,000 160,000 5" 238
PDP250A 250,000 200,000 6" 268
PDP300A 300,000 240,000 6" 366
PDP350A 350,000 280,000 7" 366
PDP400A 400,000 320,000 7" 441

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Heater Warranty and Return Policy

It is the customer's responsibility to carefully inspect heaters for damage before accepting delivery since heaters are usually not returnable once delivery is accepted. Obviously damaged heaters should be refused and Greenhouse Megastore customer service contacted to make arrangements for a replacement unit. Once delivery is accepted Greenhouse Megastore will gladly provide replacement parts under the manufacturer's warranty to repair damaged or defective heaters; however this warranty does not include any labor costs associated with installing these parts. Warranty issues should be diagnosed by a certified HVAC technician since parts deemed not to be defective by the manufacturer are not available for credit back to the customer. Specific warranty policies vary by manufacturer but typically cover replacement parts as indicated above up to one year after purchase. Please contact Greenhouse Megastore customer service if you have any questions about the warranty for your specific heater.

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Legacy Review

We have 24 of these heaters in place. They require very little maintenance and there have only been a couple that have needed any repairs. Parts are easy to get and are reasonably priced.