Hort2O believes that water is the source of life, but in the green industry we know it takes a bit more than that. Hort2O offers a line of products to help you be a successful grower!

      Hort2O Indoor Planting Supplies

      Water is a must for plants to thrive - but Hort2O™ knows they need it at the right time and amount. And oftentimes, plants require other things, too. Hort2O hydroponic plant supplies and accessories let you control output for soilless gardens as well as drip irrigation and other indoor gardening systems.

      Hydroponic and Irrigation Accessories

      From seedlings to microgreens to commercial crops, you can count on Hort2O horticulture products. They help ensure a clean, constant supply of water with their assortment of carbon filters, inline fans and ducting. With Hort2O mechanical timers and Wi-Fi smart plugs, you can turn the water on and off based on the needs of your plants.

      Hort2O has many other hydroponics solutions as well, including elastic trellises for climbing plants and ratchet ropes for your grow lights. Use their Digital Hygro-Thermometer to accurately monitor temperature and humidity so you know whether conditions are ideal. What if you don't have a good indoor growing space? Make one with a tool-free Hort2O Grow Tent Kit. It will create a sub-environment within a kitchen, living room, garage or whatever else you have to work with.

      Update Your Indoor Growing

      Whatever your experience with horticulture, Hort2O hydroponic accessories are designed to make you more successful while giving you the best value. They can be used as part of their grow tent system or to build a customized growing area. Greenhouse Megastore has a Low Price Guarantee and provides total product support by phone and email. We're committed to 100% customer satisfaction on every purchase.