Greenhouse Irrigation Controller Systems and Accessories


      Irrigation Control

      An easy-to-use irrigation controller saves time and money in your greenhouse or garden. As much as you love plants, you may not want to spend hours watering them. By adding an irrigation control system, you simply plug in your requirements and let the controller do the rest.

      Set watering schedules, program-specific watering zones and easily control watering amounts to guarantee that all your growing plants thrive. Our irrigation timers, sprinkler controls and misting controls eliminate guesswork from plant watering. You can get a simple sprinkler timer for hobby gardens and lawns or a commercial irrigation controller that’s designed for large greenhouses. We sell leading brands such as Sterling, ProLine, Water Plus and Sapphire that make controllers you and your plants can count on.

      Take Charge of Greenhouse Irrigation

      Greenhouse Megastore has a variety of irrigation control setups that make watering plants easy. These controllers integrate into your drip irrigation, hydroponics or sprinkler systems. Once programmed, you can do errands or go on vacation knowing your plants are taken care of. Want to control your system remotely? Bluetooth and Wi-Fi irrigation controllers can be updated using a smartphone and some don’t even need wiring.

      From full-scale irrigation controllers to mini mist controllers, timers and mounting pedestals, plant irrigation will be in the right hands. Call us toll-free Monday-Friday to talk with an expert in customer service about your needs. We’ve been a greenhouse supplies leader since 1993 and have the knowledge to assist all growers.