Jiffy-7® Peat Pellets
Jiffy-7® Peat Pellets
Jiffy-7® Peat Pellets
Jiffy-7® Peat Pellets

Jiffy-7® Peat Pellets


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Jiffy-7® Peat Pellets are the very best pellets for seed starting! Each one contains weed-free professional-grade Canadian Sphagnum peat. Use them with matching Jiffy plant trays for improved root development so you have strong yet compact seedlings that can later be planted directly into a larger pot or the ground. Order loose or in trays with holes in bulk today from Greenhouse Megastore!

A Jiffy Peat Pellet ships as a compressed and dried disk, allowing efficient storage and easy shipping. Add water and the pellet quickly swells to seven times its original size to become a perfect self-contained pot with the perfect medium for starting seeds. Seeds are nurtured within the pellet to germinate faster into young seedlings.

These peat pellets are held together by fine netting, ensuring optimum air and water exchange. Roots emerge easily through the porous walls of the pellet as a result of the enhanced air circulation created by the unique design. The superior root development then ensures stronger, healthier plants for transplanting.

After your plant has started, the Jiffy 7 Peat Pellet goes directly into the ground. As a result, no transplant shock occurs, and the plant has full vigor to mature faster. All the young, tender roots remain intact, and the pellet is 100% biodegradable.

Experience better, faster germination, and stronger roots with Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets. Not only are they efficient and labor-saving, but they are also food-safe and contribute to sustainable gardening practices, making them a top choice for professional growers seeking profitable and environmentally conscious solutions. Enjoy planting with minimal mess or waste.

Choose Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets for cost-effective and clean propagation that's compatible with automation systems. They are an eco-friendly way to support healthy germination while reducing labor and watering.

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Jiffy Peat Pellets Features:

  • 42mm x 65mm pellet
  • Expands to 20-75mm (0.79-2.95" in diameter) and 35-100mm (1.38-3.94") in height.
  • Available with or without holes.
  • PLA Netting for Sustainable Packaging - Jiffy Pellets are biodegradable and compostable under controlled conditions, reducing plastic usage.
  • Product Certifications - Certified for organic use, biodegradability, quality and uniformity, promoting sustainable gardening practices.
  • Efficient Propagation - Consistent and faster in-pot germination leads to higher plant yields while reducing labor and water usage.
  • Versatility - Available in various compositions fitting different tray standards, making it easy to use and adapt for various plants.

Additional Information

Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets Brochure (PDF)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Mary P (Rice, US)

I received the correct number of pellets in my order - however, there were three different varieties of disks in order. I emailed questioning this but have not received a response. Most of the pellets were the same circumference but some of them were twice as thick as others. I haven't wet them yet so I am not sure if they will all be the same size when I am using them or not.

Anonymous (Flushing, US)
jiffy peat pellets

they work great, better than jiffy pots

John Cartwright (Oklahoma City, US)
Old country boy

The were great. Nearly 100% of my tomato and pepper seeds came up. Very satisfied.

Mochi (Plano, US)
Happy camper

Arrive quickly and in perfect condition.
Good product, have been using it for couple years now.

Legacy Review
Great quality

This is my third year buying the Jiffy 7 peat pellets and I've had excellent results with my germination every year. The netting is easy enough to remove from the seedling (assuming I don't leave the plants too long and roots grow through it!) I will keep coming back to Greenhouse Megastore for my pellets due to quality and great pricing! Well, since I bought 1,000 this year, I may be all set for awhile.

Jeff Green
Pellet Tray too big

The peat pellets are fantastic but the tray they come in will not lay flat in a standard 10x20 tray. They are also very flimsy. Reminds me of candy trays at valentines.

Peat pellets

Exactly as described ! Worked great and shipped fast !

richard mcaulay
order came on time .

I have used this product before works great

Legacy Review
Can't beat the price for these

I was always searching the web for the best price on peat pellets. Would normally buy the 36 mm plugs on Amazon for about 10 cents each. These are a tad bigger (42 mm) but the price for the box came out to about 5 cents per pellet. I like starting my vegetables and flowers in pellets under grow lights. I've always had great success with Jiffy. I understand peoples concern with the netting issues at the end of the year when the plants are pulled up. I feel eventually it will breakdown and not be an issue. If you need a lot of pellets, you can't beat the price on these.

Legacy Review
Great for starting tiny light germinate seeds s

I've been growing a lot of drought tolerant sedums for ground cover, and these Jiffy 7 Peat pellets work great. I get almost 100% germination, and they are super easy to use.