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CowPot Flat

CowPot Flat


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The #3 Six Cell CowPot Flat is a self-supporting style pot, CowPot's most compact seeding option for confined space. Scored for improved ease of separating cells at time of planting.

Great for use as a mixed garden seeding (lettuces, peppers, eggplants) or ‘salsa’ pack (tomato, hot pepper, cilantro) in one tray. Veggies with a quick turnaround prior to transplanting like cucumbers, squash and pumpkins work very well in this style CowPot. Also well suited for marigolds and other spring flowering annuals.

This innovative product is the most environmentally friendly container on the market. CowPots are made from odor-free, 100% composted cow manure. Fully decomposable CowPots feature natural soil-conditioning fertilizers and can be planted directly into the soil to grow sturdier, healthier plants without adding plastic containers to your local landfill. Easy to handle and absolutely odor-free and non-toxic.

Shelf life: Once planted, the CowPot Flat (#3 Six Cell) stays intact for up to 2 months in a greenhouse setting.

If not planted and kept in a cool dry location, shelf life is indefinite (a dry location is critical).

Volume: 235 mL/cell - 14 cu in
Dimensions: 9 1/4” L x 6” W x 3” H (2 1/8” bottom width/cell)
Fits Carrier Tray: Any 1020 Short Tray - Fits up to: 3 six cells/tray

  • Plant directly into the ground - fully compostable, will encourage root development, and avoid plant growth
  • Add soil-conditioning natural nutrients to your garden
  • Convenient and time-saving
  • Easy to handle, odor-free and non-toxic
  • Reduces non-recyclable plastics
  • Lessens dependence on foreign oil
  • Reduces municipal waste
  • Promotes recycling of agricultural waste to horticultural benefit

Additional Information

CowPots - Directions for Seed Starting & Transplanting Seedlings

CowPots - Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gail Thurman (Columbia, US)
Roots can grow right through the pot.

We love how the pot can be planted right along with the plant, thus eliminating transplant shock. We do tell people to be sure that the entire pot is under dirt, as the edges of the pot can wick moisture away from the roots if the edges are above ground.

Legacy Review

These didn't work well in starting plants. I have 4 grow lights. I have since planted with the burpee super seed starters and the seeds I have started look great. Will never purchase Cow Pots again. We were very excited to try them.

Legacy Review
My vegies love them

I'm new to vegetable gardening. A friend recommended using peat pots, but I don't like the fact that collecting the peat is destroying peat bogs. So when I saw Cow Pot, it seemed a good alternative.
I started my seedlings in small plastic trays, then transplanted to Cow Pots as they got bigger. I've noticed that as I moved my plants to the Cow Pots, my plants almost immediately started growing faster and looking better. I realized that in part (being new to this) I think I was overwatering the seedlings, and for some reason they weren't draining well enough in the plastic trays, even with the holes in the bottom. With the Cow Pot, you can see when the sides are wet or drying out. And I learned quickly not to keep them too wet, because they will disintegrate if you do.
And when you plant the pots, be sure the sides are covered with dirt so they don't wick water out the top. I have to cut or fold down the top lip when I plant them so the dirt covers the sides.
Regarding odor, I have at times picked up an odor from the pots, but not all the time. And it's very minimal when I have smelled it.
Overall, very happy with these and no negatives so far. My husband, who started a native plant nursery, is thinking about using them as well. And I'll be recommending them to all my gardening friends.

Legacy Review
Way Cheaper here than on Amazon

These pots were shipped safely in a large box and came in good shape. Amazon sellers charge the same amount for individual pots as Greenhouse Megastore for whole 6-pot flats!

Legacy Review
Great for annual seedlings

I was very happy with the breathability and easy water permeability of these cow pots. I was concerned because coir pots that i'd previously used haven't been decomposing fast enough, had too much loose fiber, didn't hold shape when they had to be broken apart. These soak right through and get a little flimsy When wet but that's good enough for me as their purpose is to hold shape enough just for a couple weeks for my transplants. I saw other reviews saying these don't smell - well, they do, especially dry! A faint smell that I don't mind, but some might. Plants love these pots and that's the only thing i was looking for in a transplant pot, i bought 120 and went through them in 2 days. I use them with super heavy duty green trays w drainage holes that hold 35 of these tightly, have to break one flat into individual pots for a perfect fit, and they work perfectly well together. Very easy to transplant, easy to break apart, and i'm sure will decompose very fast and feed the new plants. they didn't tear for me during planting, but have to be careful not to topple them while positioning in trays. Highly recommend.